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I am a relatively new skier. This is my second season out and I’m sick of renting. I purchased my first pair of boots and now I need to pick out a pair of skis. I live in Ohio and ski mostly local places but would like to start taking trips to the major east coast resorts. I am looking for a ski that I can continue to learn on and will last me a season or two as I progress. I’m 6’ 3” 205 pounds. What length do you recommend and what ski/bindings. I’m looking to learn how to be a better carver and handle steeper hills. I would put myself as an intermediate skier. I ski mostly blue diamonds and would like to progress to the black eventually.  The local shops have recommended something around a 80 waist width. Specifically the Blizzard 7.6, Elan Wave 8, and Atomic Smoke Ti all in the 170-180 length range. What are your thoughts?


Thank you for helping a rookie out.