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Lange's New "Signature" XT Boot

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Lange's new XT line of freeride boots are "high performance boots that climb." 


These boots offer a Control Fit liner, lighter weight in the buckles and the lace-up liner, a "natural stance" (lower elevation of the heel), an "ultragrip" arch pad to protect the chassis from impacts, and replaceable toe and heel pads.

14. Hiking Sole (base).jpg

The boot comes in 97mm and 100mm lasts, which is the only high-performance 100mm mono-injected boot on the market. It is available in 130, 120, 110 and 100 flexes for men. 














What sets the Lange XT apart from the competition is the patented Power V-Lock technology* which allows the boot to flex comfortably when unlocked for hiking and when locked in ski mode stiffens the boot for uncompromising downhill performance. 




The women's version of the boot has a shorter cuff and comes in 90 and 100 flex.






























*Company Information:


Lange’s patented Power V-Lock, is an insert in back of the lower shell which articulates backwards in hike-mode for excellent range-of-motion on the ascent.  In ski-mode, the V-shaped lock visually engages the lower shell to retain the real, hard-charging downhill performance of RX boots.


“Current AT and ‘sidecountry’ boots offer no support or resistance between the upper and lower shell.  Major sections of lower shells are removed, creating a void for range-of-motion when climbing, but at a major and noticeable cost to downhill performance.” – Thor Verdonk, Lange Technical Product Manager


In Lange’s XT, there is no lower shell void. When flexing forward the upper cuff engages the Power V-Lock; locking it into the lower, both forward and laterally. The Power V-Lock is an industry first in sidecountry boot technology, delivering the only true adventure-freeride boot with powerful downhill performance.


Lange’s patented Power V-Lock is featured in the all-new XT and XT W freeride-adventure boots! 


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The woman's is very good looking. So is the other one actually too.

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It's certainly a good looking boot, but somehow, when I think "Lange" + "woman's model very good looking", I keep getting a different picture ...

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Has anyone skied these yet? Reports?


I see they glued some rubber to the arch area for protection. How good does the toe part look/feel for hiking on scree and rock? How about the heel part? Look like it will keep you from slipping when descending something firm?


How much do they weigh compared to Dynafit Titans or BD Factors or Tecnica Cochise (all boots with swappable soles that offer a real hiking sole)?


The buckles look OK. I'd love to see more companies switch to putting the lever part on top of the foot so it doesn't flick open the first time you post-hole in the snow. I like my upper buckles loose but my lower buckles snug when hiking. It keeps the snow and dirt out of the boot, keeps me from getting blisters, keeps my foot solid, yet allows my ankle to articulate as I hike.

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1) Does the rubber or whatever it is wrap around, or just under arch? Is it the same material as the rest of the sole? 


2) What's their walk degree range? Most like a ___________ ?


3) Best, could we have a pic from the bottom up? 

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1) The "ultra-durable grip" material is just under the arch to protect from jutting rocks while climbing, as well as on the soles.


2) The actual range of motion is not given in degrees. There's this verbiage in the tech notes: "The unique Power V-Lock articulates backwards for excellent climbing range-of-motion; but then engages the lower shell forward and laterally to retain real, hard-charging downhill performance." 





4) Here's another thread on the topic: http://www.epicski.com/t/109057/2013-lange-xt-boot-first-look

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Weight... love to know. Too bad it's not dynafit compatible. 

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Not good ROM, worst on the market, that said this is an exelent boot no doubt, think the weight will weigh in around the 1800 mark, basically the same clog/lower shell as the RX with a few simple mods. Agree it's a shame no Low Tech compatibility, but it's just not possible with the mould to do all this, perhaps next time. Look to at the new Quest Max 130/120 from Salomon, massive ROM, proper progressive flex (no metal!) and a new clog. Salomon seem to have nailed it at last. 5low tech inserts??, perhaps, if your nice.)

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While this boot is not Dynafit compatible (at this time) I'm not sure that matters all that much. This ain't a touring boot. This is a ski boot that happens to have a walk feature and good rubber. This boot is much more about the downhill portion of the day than about the uphill portion. Think about all the clowns.....uhhhhh......folks out there with Dukes on their biggie sized skis that never tour more than a few hundred yards or so........if that. This is the boot for that guy and there's a heckofabunch more of him than there are the real BC folks (who know what to look for anyway).



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Does the cuff feature make it easier to get into it? If so, might we see this on a "normal" boot for people who have problems getting into boots. - Often older skiers who loose flexi

bility or new ones who can't believe what's required.

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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

Does the cuff feature make it easier to get into it? If so, might we see this on a "normal" boot for people who have problems getting into boots. - Often older skiers who loose flexi

bility or new ones who can't believe what's required.

Yes it does.....no doubt. However, I'd say the difference is incremental rather than dramatic.


The bottom line seems to be this............


The ski industry and the press have striven mightily to promote and build product for....................a market that is rather small at best. Any ski that is promoted in this realm had better ski well as a stand alone alpine product (Nordica Steadfast/Hell & Back). Any boot within this realm had better fit and ski well as a regular alpine boot that just happens to have a walk/hike feature. The Lange XT fits this model perfectly as does the newly modified Tecnica offering. Ultimately, the choice will come to what fits your foot shape the best (nothing new in this).




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I tried these on at SIA.


It was easier to get on/off as its alpine counterpart, but(as Smallzookeeper said) the ROM in walk mode doesn't seem to be as good as the Tecnica I tried.


That being said, I didn't ski it(yet).  I'd like to compare the performance level of the boots in this class.


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I suppose this AT boot is not in the class?

The classes get a little blurry quickly.

I guess the Scarpa is an AT boot primarily, the Lange Alpine with side country ability.




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Best guess is yes, you are right. I didn't investigate this offering from Scarpa but did look at the newest offering (s) from Dynafit. These are all touring boots that will ski OK. The Lange is a ski boot that will tour OK......Big Difference.



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I skied the Womens XT 100LV at Alpine Meadows last week. I usually ski in  the 120 SC with a booster strap, 5mm lifters and about 2cm removed from the back of the upper cuff to make it a little shorter. Honestly, I could not really feel any difference in performance from my own boots and the XT on the downhill. The walk mode is not as freeing as say my Garmont Radiums, but was still very nice for the horrible walk from the Trade Fair tents through the breezeway up onto the snow at Alpine (Chair 2 at Mammoth is way better for demo days!). The vibram sole is also great, especially compared to my lifted SCs (which have tried to kill me on several occasions). I will be getting this pair for keeps in March, and look forward to working in it, as my current position as ski school supervisor involves plenty of standing and walking around in addition to skiing. I will also use it on shorter tours where I will take a big ski with dukes instead of my lighter gear.

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We now have 20 or so pairs in stock, if you are close to any of the epic Bootfitter team we will happily deliver them to them and let them work thier magic.

XT 130 LV 26_27_28

XT 120 Wide 26_27_28

XT 100 LV Lady 24

XT 90 Wide Lady 24.


No Idea on shipment prices and boots will only be shipped to Epic Bootfitters to be fitted by them.


Also a bunch of new Salomon Guardian and Marker Duke this next week.

Same conditions, 


The Touring season is Nigh!!!!


Best Wishes, SOLEbootlab.

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Here is the Lange Dynastar Video from SIA that shows some of the features of this boot.


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