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Ski season with the dog!!! Help!!!

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hey guys this is my first post on here and could well be the weirdest one ish haha!   but i have been skiing for 3 4 years know my partner 10+ we are looking to do a ski season in france or austria, BUT we have a little pooch and really dot wanna have to get rid of him but also really wanna get away skiing and the experience.   anybody know what the people are like with the pooches and accommodation and all that if there ok, or if anyone has taken a pooch i can imagine they haven't but just looking for some advice.   thanks peeps.
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You may be able to find a good business that offers long-term accommodations, or a friend that will keep your dog for a couple months.  Truthfully, from what  you describe, you might consider finding a home for your dog with a family that isn't doing extensive travel.  What kind of accommodations will you be staying in when you travel?  If renting a home, you might be able to travel with your pet.

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Probably gunna be shared chalet or private rent, hopefully we can save enough money before we go out there to maybe afford the private rent and only get a part time job 2-3 days a week each in a bar or something, so it just gives us a bit of comfort!! 

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We are doing a season with our now 10 month old puppy. He loves the snow and was acclimatised within days. French property is generally dog friendly. We are in a rental apartment and there are no issue. 


We walk him in the morning before skiing, at lunchtime and in the evening, with a final 'flurry' at around 10.30 pm. 


The issues: Dog boredom and the destruction of slippers etc. Extreme cold requires vaseline on the paws and a doggy coat for small dogs. Short legs means a cold tummy and digestion problems. Also no full days away as the dog will probably require a pee midday.


You will need a dog passport and all the required injections etc. 


There are a lot of dogs who live in resort and love it. 


it's when they decide to chase skidoos and piste bashers that it gets a bit hairy; or decide to run up the side of the mountain and go deaf to recall (as happened last week) and a near vertical climb in thigh deep powder is required to retrieve the 'darling'.



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Hi, I know this is a whole season later but we are also looking at doing a ski season with our dog. Couldn't leave her behind !


Did you manage to do your season ?? How easy was it to find accomm? & fit skiing & work in.


Appreciate it if you could get in touch!



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Hi Hannah, We are now doing our 2nd season with our dog. Advice from my post above still holds, except our dog is 12 months older now and has a stringer bladder so we can leave him for a bit longer during the day. I'd still recommend a good dog walk in the morning though to get the boredom and energy out.
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