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Whistler / Blackcomb Without New Snow

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Leaving tomorrow for Whistler, and unfortunately there won't be any new snow while we're there. High pressure domination for the duration of our 5 day trip.


Any tips on places to seek out the best conditions when Whistler is shorted on snow are welcome.


Any tips for avoiding long lift lines on the weekend are also welcome.


Thanks in advance.


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I was in WB two weeks back. It did not snow when I was there - but i found good soft  snow in  a lot of places. Harmony chair - low roll, McConkeys, Peak chair - whistler bowl. Spanky's ladder - Ruby bowl and Skiers left of blue line on glacier chair.


Avoiding lift lines - go early.

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Whistler gets played pretty quick if there's no freshies. Go as "far out" Harmony, Symphony to Rhapsody etc, but there still won't be lots of fresh to find. Liftlines - My bud with 20 years of Whistler experience, and a Mountain host for over 10 years put a picture on his facebook page of 35 minute liftlines at Harmony on Saturday. Tourons are flocking to WB because of the situation elsewhere.
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second that. start early.


I get on the Creekside gondola by 8 as they load even though posted time is 8:30. Gondola from the village is always slower. Do Chunky's for a warm up 1/2 way down you can see if Harmony is running and if so you usually get 2 runs in on same before any crowds arrive. Alternative access via the t-bar also gets all of Harmony except Little Whistler with no lines. Take Peak chair to access Peak to Creek via the Bowls then Big Timber or Dusty's but be sure to time your arrival at Creekside base later than the end of 9:00 to 10:30 up load crowd.  


avoid the Glacier/Jersey Cream chair 9:00- 9:45 start up crowd as everyone who uploads seems to wind up there waiting for Glacier to open. If your in that line take an early coffee and wait for the crowd to disperse, it will. Solar Coaster has the most vertical and usually is not crowded. Crystal has a nice bump run beneath it few crowds and some nice glad skiing via Arthurs. .   

The bowls off Spanky's Ladder are fun if snow is good but they have a long slow ski out and 2 chairs back up.       

Peak to Peak:

just avoid end of day but rarely has a line-up unless you want to wait for the glass bottom gondolas 


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Check the forecast again--it looks quite good tonight and tomorrow. Even when there's no new snow, you're often in good shape if you stay on the top of Blackcomb. Take the glacier chair and ski the rock garden. The bowl on 7th heaven can be quite good too. Spanky's might be good as it opens up quite wide. Avoid runs like pakalolo that stay tight. On Whistler you might enjoy Harmony and Symphony on weekdays. Symphony is super mellow, where Harmony has some steeper stuff. They tend to be crazy on weekends. 


On weekends, the Garbanzo chair is generally the least busy. From the roundhouse (top of Whistler gondola), check out the lightboard to see how long queues are at each lift. You can also see the peak chair from the roundhouse, so take a peek while you're up there already. OR if you really want to avoid crowds, take a lesson to get lift cutting privileges. May be worthwhile if you're travelling a long distance to get here. Even doing Fresh Tracks will get you up the mountain earlier. 


And if you're in creekside, get on the gondola early! We waited a half hour last weekend to get up--and another 15 minutes on the red chair. If we'd gotten there just a bit sooner we could have skipped it all. 


Enjoy your trip! 

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Avoiding lines: Do the Fresh Tracks breakfast (skip breakfast and just wait for them to open the runs for an even better start). Eat lunch at 11, then head out when everyone else is heading in. I did this last weekend and lift lines were literally half at 12:30 what they were at 10. Or, make a reservation at Christina's or Steeps for lunch to avoid the lodge mobs. I find lines to be not as bad at Garbanzo and Big Red (in the afternoon at least--maybe not Big Red when everyone is still uploading) when they are bad everywhere else.


On Wednesday of last week the weekend forecast said sunny and cold. I skied all weekend in warmish temps and heavy snow (rain at the bottom). So don't put too much stock in the forecast. On the bright side, if it hasn't snowed in a few days locals might stay home, and the alpine will be open with good visibility. I never even ventured up high last weekend because it was dumping and I like to see where I'm going.


The Village is crazy, too, Unless you're cooking in, if you don't want to wait for dinner, you might think about making some reservations, or eating early.

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How is whistler crowds during the weekdays ?  We are heading to Seattle Thursday/Fri,,, Vancouver sat and sun... Will hit whistler Mon-Thur...


First time,,, really looking forward to it... 

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You should be fine--I've heard even this very busy year is relatively uncrowded on weekdays.

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Originally Posted by Christy319 View Post

You should be fine--I've heard even this very busy year is relatively uncrowded on weekdays.

Thanks.....  Now we just need some fresh stuff and then bluebird days when we arrive and it will be perfect... 

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