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Rocker, Camber, Both, or A lil of both.

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While looking into purchasing new skis ive noticed that there are endless options.  Traditional Camber, Rocker, Front Rocker + Camber, Full Rocker+ Camber, Full Rocker, No Camber.  And im sure I left out some other combinations... Im looking at skis 87-94mm underfoot and am wondering what suggetions you have as to which combination of rocker camber would best suit me.  I ski the east coast, mostly southern vt, coming from a traditional cambered ski with no rocker and 80mm underfoot.  Ski felt stiff and held a solid edge, but on the rare poweder day, 4-5", once 8+ (ill take it where we are) it would sink and be very slow.  Ski everything thats open when we can, groomers, trees, bumps, maybe a pass or two through the park when its not crowded.  Am thinking I should keep some degree of camber underfoot for a better edge hold in harder conditions, but am not familiar with rockered skis and am wondering if I should look for front rocker, twin rocker, or no rocker.  I want the ski to maintain some stiffness but was looking for a little more pop then my current skis. I know this is basically a contradiction but who knows my skis are 6 years old, Id think there is a firm yet playfull ski now.  Thanks for any advice.

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What are your current skis?

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07-08 K2 Silencers 169cm 113-80-104 just traditional camber.

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Was wondering the sort of the same thing.. Looking to add a new ski to the quiver and havent had one with rocker.  Wondering if full would even work on east coast (unless we actually get 6+) on the groomers. Dont live in the park here, but never mind hitting whatever natural lips and drops I can find. Thinking Rocker w/ camber or maybe just tip rocker. Not really sure though gonna have to see more of the skis in person and demo.

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Both ECTT and FS11 are thinking too hard about a subject with no definitive answer. The real test here is what works for you. How much rocker or where it is are not as important as you might think. What is important is the overall balance of factors that a ski offers and that is not just dependent upon rocker.


Both of you should try this..............go demo a Rossignol S3 in your appropriate size. On the same day, (if possible) demo a Nordica Enforcer, Rossignol Exp 98 or Line Prophet 98. Then determine which feels right for your tastes and goals. Then it will be relatively easy to direct you to a few choices.



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