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Hello everyone just to give a little background I am a new skier I just started a few weeks ago. My problem so far seems to be the boots I have not been able to find a pair of boots that don't kill my feet. This includes a few pairs of rentals as well as trying on new boots. I am assuming I am just not getting a good fit.


Can anyone recommend a place to find a good boot fitter in my area? I live on long island and I generally go skiing up at hunter mountain.


thanks for any help.

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personally i cannot recommend anywhere as i do not know that area, but take a read at the wiki at the top of the forum (which boot will work for me), this will give you lots of information about what to expect from a fitted boot and what you should ask your fitter if you are concerned about what is happening... there are a number of things which can cause boots to feel really wrong when you try them including excessive pronation, tight calf muscles, large calf muscles etc etc  


good luck getting sorted 

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Check out Mark Stewart at Windham 828 318 3949  Kieth Holmquist at hunter  516 536 5303


also u can see me in the city though i'm more expensive.


Jeffrey Rich C. Ped

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not a bad thing being more expensive!

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I know, thanks. I just like being up front with people.


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not a bad thing being more expensive!


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