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Park City and LCC Feb 16-20

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Hi Gang,


Finally getting out West this year.   Will keep snow dancing until then.  Staying in Park City with friends and will split time between there and LCC.  Riding with one other guy.  If you are going to be out there and want to hook up over this time period...let me know.



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I'll be out there from the 17th through 20th and would definitely be interested.  Planning on doing one of the PC resorts the day I get in, then LCC and/or Powder/Snowbasin.  Staying down towards SLC. 

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Sounds good Bryan.  Ill shoot you a PM with my cell and if you want to hook up to ski with us (he' a boarder, but some of our local friends are skiers), let me know.



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Will be in PC skiing PC. LCC and Snowbasin 12-18. Quite familiar with those places if you need some guidance

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Thx, Snofun.  I'm fairly regular out there as well.  Bryan is gonna hook up with us and you are welcome to also.  Hit me up on PM with your cell and I can do the same.  Will be at least 2 days at the Bird and probably 2 days in PC area.  Buddy is a boarder so we wont' be at Alta or DV on this trip.



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