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wtb Elan S12 Fusion 168cm

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I already have the Elan S12 Fusion in 160 cm and would like to compare to the same in 168 cm.

A very, very favorable price, new or used, whatduyuh say?

My direct e-mail is bg@vtlink.net
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How about $399.00 brand new delivered?
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Oboe, are you feeling like the 160s may be too short? I'm interested in your feelings because I am considering a pair of S12s. I weigh in at 165. I have been leaning towards the 168s. What do you think? Also, have you skiied the Fischer RX8. I know this is quite popular amoung the bears and was wondering how you would compare them.
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RiDeC58, I'm very happy with the 160. Being an equipment nut, I just want to compare it to the 168, and that's why I want a very, very inexpensive pair.
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Well, I think I am going to go for a pair in 168. I expect I won't be able to actually use them until next year, but we can look forward to comparing notes--who knows--maybe we could swap for a few runs sometime next year. I plan to be at ETU 2004 and I'm sure you do too. My boot sole length is 325mm. What's yours?
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295. However, those Fusion (Marker) binding set ups are very easily adjustable.

I'm 150 and 5'8", so the 168 may be about right for you.

I's still like a pair of inexpensive 168's
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Well oboe, I went for the 168s. The only bad thing is I will prob. have to wait until next year to use them. I'm just poishing up my rock skis for the rest of this short-looking spring season. I don't know if I can make it through the summer knowing they are there wait. Just wish I could afford to go to the Southern Hemisphere. Darn. But, non the less still pretty excited about getting the S12s. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Of all of the MANY MANY MANY skis I've had, the S12 Fusion is the best of all. On this one, I agree with Peter Keelty - this is a home run for Elan.
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Hi Richard,
I was poking around here looking for kid skis and saw your post. I seriously doubt if you will be unhappy with the S12 Fusion. I'm 5' 9", 165 and ski on a 168. It truly is a do-everything ski. However, you will quickly note that the guys that developed it shared notes with the guys in the race dept. It is stiff and responsive with a capital R. Put it on edge and load it up and it will take you right off your feet. It will play slow but it really likes to go fast. It will do bumps but will leave deep trenches on groomers. It will float powder and crud but craves hardpack. Yea, I think you're gonna be happy.
Done for the season, but counting the days until it snows!
ps. Next years binding is a Tyrol. So your double lucky, at least by this Marker freaks standards.
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Dear Salty,
Thanks for the encouragement. I did get to try then out on spring slush and did like them, but obviously I am anxious to give them the real test next year. I can't wait. I would say that I prefer my Dynastar int74s in the spring slush, but this is to be expected. I have high hopes for a great season next year.
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