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K2 Kung Fujas 2012

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I'm looking for some input and thoughts on the 2012 K2 Kung Fujas. In talking to a local ski shop, they suggested this might make fun everyday ski at Mary Jane here in Colorado (my local home base ski area most weekends unless heading elsewhere) where I ski predominantly bumps and trees. I currently ski my K2 sidestashes most other places I go (i.e. Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, Taos, Jackson Hole, Loveland) but I'm looking for a fun ski for skiing bumps and trees. I do like the new trend of the bigger skis and rockered too!


I'm 6' 3" and 195lbs and skiing the sidestash in 181cm. With the Kung Fujas, I see they are offered in a 179 and 189. I know the rocker generally means they ski shorter as does a twin tip but still wondering which size I should demo? Will the 189 be too long in the bumps? Will the 179 be too short for me and unstable? Perhaps I may need to demo both sizes but wondering where to start. I'm an aggressive expert skier that skis bumps, trees, steeps and powder. The only time I'm caught on a groomed run is because it is the only way to a lift or destination I need to get to on the mountain. Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

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The 179 would ski the much closer to your current Sidestash's then the 189. And yes they would work well for a fun bump and tree ski, they also hold a pretty good edge on groomers. Although at your height and weight you could probably manage with the 189's just fine, the 179 would obviously be less work though.


Just one thing to note, as you probably know already owning a pair of 181 Sidestash's, is that K2's all measure long, so 179cm will actually measure 179cm off the ground.

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My husband has a 179. He is 5'10" and 171 lbs. He came off of Salomon 1080 Foils at 168cm and he is having no problems with these longer skis in the trees and bumps. Can't say you should take the longer skis, but this has been his experience. He is a very good skier but a senior and so not hucking and so on. All this to say the longer ski might be worth considering.


By the way, he loves them. very fun and playful but reports they are also very stable and confidence building. Sure you will too!

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Thanks for your input! I'm going to demo both sizes but leaning toward the 179cm given I plan to use these predominantly at Mary Jane in the bumps and perhaps at Steamboat in the trees.

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