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A true "all-mountain", "do everything" ski?

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Not sure if there's a ski perfect for me, but I figured if there is, you guys would have some great recommendations.


About me:  I'm 5'6" and about 140 lbs, but pretty muscular, and I'd say advanced/expert level.  Been skiing for almost 30 years, and I would guess over that time have had a few hundred days on the slopes.


I basically ski everything, and all over the world. Specifically, I love going fast on groomers, I enjoy moguls and want to get a lot better, I love trees, and of course powder (admittedly I don't have too much experience in deep powder).  I like jumping (though am a bit timid after tearing my ACL on a tiny jump a couple years ago) and have spent a little bit of time in the pipe, and enjoy that too (I'd try that more but have never used twin-tip skis).


I live in New York, and as such have to ski on the east coast pretty frequently.  But to get to better stuff, I often fly out west (I've got friends with a house in Tahoe and have been to a bunch of places in Utah and Colorado), and occasionally will go to Europe or elsewhere in the world (going to Niseko next week, and was in Meribel a few years ago).  If Niseko goes well, I could see myself doing one big trip like that every year or two.  I don't get *too* many days on the slopes each year - my typical year might look something like:


Vermont - 6-8 days

Hunter Mountain in New York - 1 day

Tahoe - 4 days

elsewhere in the Rockies - 4 days

somewhere outside the U.S. - maybe 5 days every 1-2 years



My skis are just about done.  They're 15 year-old K2s, which I'm happy with in east coast ice, but when flying somewhere I've rented for the past 5 or 6 years.


So my question is - what should I get?  I'd basically be looking for twin-tips that are good both in powder and harder stuff, and can go fast.


I'm open to other suggestions, such as:

- don't buy skis, just rent, it costs $50 just to fly with the skis anyway

- get _____ but don't use them on the east coast unless you get lucky and there's actually snow (use the old K2s for Vermont/New York)

- ?




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The more I ski them, the more I really enjoy my Line Prophets. They don't get a lot of love here, but I find them to be very nice "go anywhere" type skis. YMMV of course.
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Depends which way you are leaning.  More of a hard snow / groomers bias or soft snow / pow ability.  For a day when I know I will be skiing more groomers/hard snow, I use my Sultan 85s. Still mostly groomers, but some off piste soft stuff too, my Movement Source skis. Mostly off piste, some pow and maybe a few groomers, I bring out the Armada TSTs.  Deep friggin pow, = my Lhasa Pows.  I don't believe in the quiver of one as all skis have trade offs.  If I could only have one ski in my quiver it would be a toss up between the Source and the TST's.

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I'll leave specific ski recommendations to others (and you can find so many reviews, tests, etc. all over the place).


The advice I'd offer is to grab something between 80 and 85.  That will cover so much of the skiing you described, and do it pretty darn well.


Don't go too wide.  When you get some big powder dumps on your annual trips, the destination resorts are full of demo centers that will take care of your needs, and usually for less than $50 a day.


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I'm a big fan of the Movement Source.  Very good one quiver ski.

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