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First trip out west! What to put my skis in?

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Hello everyone,

The 4 of us are heading out to Park City in a couple of weeks (mom and dad + 2 teens). My question is with regards to packing our skis;  We only own soft ski bags. Do I need to invest in multiple 'hard cases' in order to safely check our skis at the airport?  How do others travel with skis? Can I wrap them in bubble-wrap and use the soft bags?

I have brand new Blizzard Bushwackers so there is absolutley no chance I'm going to leave them behind and rent!


Thanks for the advice. Bring on the Pow!

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The skis themselves should be fine; it's more the bindings to worry about.  Of course, it does depend on the baggage handlers at the airports.


Wrap your bindings with a spare jacket or pants you're bringing.  I wouldn't recommend bubble wrap.  Popping noises might freak out someone and security will bring down a whole world of problems on you.  Use a thick towel if you have to. 


I actually use my ski bag to pack spare jacket, pants, even base layers and boots.  Then my carry-on is my ski backpack.  Cheaper, less bulk, and I use what I have to protect the bindings and skis inside the bag.  I find it works great this way.

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+1 to Gunnerbob's suggestions.

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Highly recommend a hard shell case. 




I have a dual pair sport tube.  My skis don't get bent or damaged in route. 


I love my Photon Torpedo!wink.gif

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I've been flying several times a year for over 30 years (wife is retired flight attendant) and always use a soft double ski bag with no problems. Wrap up the dindings with towels or clothes as Gunnerbob suggested.

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I have a couple of well padded Marker single ski bags that I use when we travel. The area around the bindings has extra padding. My usual packing method is to use some heavy duty velcro ski straps on the tips and tails of each pair of skis. I also duct tape the tips and tails together for added insurance. I also tape the poles together, handle to tip in this case. Next I wrap a towel around the bindings and then tape the poles to the outside of this whole package. Everything then goes in the bag and gets cinched up tight. TSA always opens the bag, but so far they haven't unwrapped the towel. I think keeping the poles on the outside of the towel/padding helps. So far, so good with this method. No damage.



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Does the TSA always open the bag/hardcase?  Are you able to watch them so they put everything back in correctly?  I worried they'll be too rough and try to jam things back in the case....

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Thank you everyone.



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I always find a little note from TSA in our ski bags when we open them up saying that they have been opened for inspection. Typical trip for us is Boston to Bozeman. Flying out of Boston, we typically don't get to see the bags opened and inspected. That happens after the bags are taken away from the luggage drop. This is why I tend to keep it simple with the way I pack the bags and what I put in them. I just go with the skis and poles in the bag with a towel wrapped around the bindings. The first time we flew out west I wrapped towels around the skis with the poles inside the towels. TSA unwrapped the towels to check everything out, so now I keep the poles outside of the towel/padding so they can easily be seen when the bag is open.

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