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Nordica Cruise 80 or Lange Blaster 90

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I am a intermediate skier that is tired of renting and I’m looking to purchase my own equipment. I have read as much as I can and the universal consensus seems to be that you should purchase a good pair of boots first then purchase a pair of skis. I live in northeast Ohio and ski local but would like to start taking trips to Holiday Valley, Seven Springs, Snowshoe as I progress in skiing. I spent the last three days going to shops and trying on boots. I found out I take a mondo 29-295 which is roughly a size smaller than my normal shoe size. I am flat footed with a slightly wide foot. After all of the boots I tried on I narrowed it down to The Lange Blaster 90 or the Nordica Cruise 80. The Lange fits my left foot perfectly, no pain, tight, and felt like an extension of my leg. I had them on for an hour at the shop and slowly the middle of my right foot began to ache. The “bootfitter” tried different Super Feet inserts and this didn’t help the problem. I fell in love with how the boot fit my left foot and if the right fit better I would have walked out with them. Would it be possible to widen the right boot slightly to take that pain away? Are my feet just to wide for the boots? The Nordica cruise 80 fit well. No pain in the entire fit but it didn’t have that feel of the Lange that fit well. It worried me that it was too big, and from what I was told I would get better performance with the Langes 102 last vs. the Nordica’s 104. I’m looking for a boot that I can wear for awhile as I progress in my skiing abilities.


After reading the forums I’m slightly worried that I haven’t been properly fitted into a boot. Not one of the fitters have fit my foot to the shell. Just a simple try this on and tell me how it feels. Only one measured the width of my foot and it didn’t seem to matter in his boot choice. I realize I’m not looking at a high end boot, but I would like them to fit properly, and get the best bang for my buck. As limited time as I have to ski here (8-10 times) I can’t justify spending more on a boot. The Nordica’s are roughly 70 dollars more than the Lange’s from what I have found.


What would you guys recommend me to do? Get the Lange’s and have them widened or buy the Nordica’s? Which will perform better? What will help me progress faster?


Thank you guys for your time and reading my long post.  



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buy the cheaper ones, and see how it feels and goes.


then, in a year or two, when you have problems with control, or cold feet, go see a boot fitter and get it done right.


(was a long week of having to tell people this)

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I'd like to see a boot fitter now and do this right the first time. I have no idea who to go to in my area as the ones I've seen are not very helpfull. 

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Read the WIKI "Which boot will work for me" at the top of this section---pay close attention to how to "shell fitting", it is easy to do and the only way to have a boot work long term.  Get the Langes widened.  So far you have been to boot sellers, find a boot fitter.  We have had folks come in from as far away as 2,000 miles to get boots, it must be worth it.



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