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Daily Driver Advice

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I'm looking for a pair of skis that will be a good all-around ski. Something twin tip that will be able to hold its own in the park, while being solid all over the mountain. I would also like the skis to be wide enough to have good float in the powder. I'm 5'11", 160lbs and an aggressive advanced skier who skis  between 25-35 days a year so they need to be able to take a beating. If you have any suggestions it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I've never owned a twin tip, but I typed in "park twin tip" in the search window and came up with this, twelve days old:


I then went to Google and typed in "park twin tip /" and came up with this:


Looks like two good places to start are the Stockli Rotor 84 and the Volkl Bridge, depending on your priorities.


It also helps folks trying to help you if you let them know where you plan on skiing; East Coast? West Coast?  New Zealand?  Japan?  Europe?  Some of the answers you get asking for a daily driver vary a good bit based on location.


Hope you find what works.

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I have the Bridge, the version before it became all rocker.  Very solid ski that does decently in powder for someone your weight (130-92-112).  I'm an intermediate/advanced skier and this ski is very good on the groomers as well as being a twin tip for the park. I absolutely love this ski as a daily driver!

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Where are you based at?  If you're out west, I've heard great things about the ON3P Jeffrey for this sort of usage.  Might be a bit wide for an East Coast daily driver though.  The Jeffrey (from the same company) might fit the East Coast bill better, but I know less about it.

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I have an Moment PB&J as a daily driver.  Mount it foward and it should be good in the park, 102 at the waist, rocker/camber/rocker.

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