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Recognize this ski area?

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Converting old movies to digital format - came across this old super 8 clip.  Shot from near the top of the mountain, looking out over the valley.  Taken the year the resort opened.  I think the first day we skied there, there were more ski patrol than paying customers.


I suspect that this will be a no-brainer, especially at the @50 second mark.



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Geez, no takers?  OK, here's a little hint.  The place opened in 1972.

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Telluride... shot of town at end gave it away for me.

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Ding, ding, ding!  You are correct, sir!  Telluride it is! 

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I skied Telluride the second season they were open.  Bartender at the Floradora told me you could ski down "See Forever" I think it was called, basically into town and a bus would take you back to the base.  He said the only problem was that the bus driver was stoned most of the time so it could be a really long wait.wink.gif  I understand they have a lift for that now.  Telluride is simply spectacular in terms of scenery and terrain.

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P.S. Thanks to the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra for the "soundtrack": Ravel - Pictures at an Exhibition: Promenade

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