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Need Ski advice!

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I'm 33 years old, 6'4 190lbs, ski on the west coast. (Mainly Oregon for now, but I travel to ski a fair amount, Lake Tahoe/Whistler etc) advanced/expert skier.


I have a pair of Salomon Czar's that are pretty fat... 112mm under foot for real powder days and an older pair of Volkl AX3's  70mm underfoot. I did not originally have an intention on buying a new set of skis but the Volkl Kendo looks pretty sweet.


I have been looking for a ski in the 80-90mm range, something that can handle a light powder day in the backcountry yet still fly and turn a little bit in the groom. More of an all mountain ski, as the years progressed my Volkl's are now pretty much classified as a carving ski.


My only concern I guess is that the Kendo's do not have Rocker technology for crud and powder. Do you think that will be a major hinderance?


When I lived in Squaw a few years back, I remember the Salomon Foil being super easy to ski, it's a park ski if i'm not mistaken and i'm not a park rider, but I just remember it being really fun and easy to ski and it was about 85mm underfoot.


I don't usually fall in love with a design, but I just really like the way the Kendo's look, and it seems it would be a perfect ski for me, but would not want to spend all the money now if it does not have Rocker for off trail..... any thoughts or suggestions??

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Oh, and it seems everybody wants you to ski the longest available. I am 6'4 190lbs, So i'm guessing I should get a 184, but a 177 is so much easier to throw in the back of my Nissan Xterra and probably maneuver on the hill, is it that you get more stability and speed out of a longer ski?

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