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South lake Tahoe

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Hello all. According to the google map of the house I'm staying at I am really close to heavenly and Sierra resorts. I was hoping to get some opinions on where else I should be looking at in that region. I won't have a rental car, so will be relying on shuttles etc and was hoping to avoid hour long shuttle rides (ie to squaw frown.gif )

I appreciate any input as this will be my first trip to Tahoe.

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Been a few years for me, but I only recall buses to Heavenly, Sierra and possible Kirkwood.  Can be a beautiful drive around the lake.

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I stayed at Lake Tahoe Vacation resort last year and they had shuttles (for a fee) to Kirkwood.  I can not speak to its convenience as we had a car but maybe you could latch on to one of those.  I am not personally a big fan of Heavenly and only stayed there cause it was free and used the rental car to get to Squaw and Kirkwood which are excellent mountains.  In my opinion having the car is worth it so you can hit the places you want and then spend time hanging out in other parts for dinner, apres etc e.g. Tahoe City

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