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Looking for some AMAZING gloves, any recommendations?

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I've got a pro form deal for Hestra and Swanny.  Anyone have any recommendations or preferences?  I'm a snowboard instructor and have torn up 2 pairs of gloves already this season.  I think I want to go for mittens this time, with leather so they'll hold up for the rest of the season.  I've got a tight budget, but luckily pro form should help reduce costs for me.

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Hestra gloves use goat leather which is not quite as supple as cow's leather but goat leather is more durable.

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Hestra Heli Mitts.  $115 retail, dunno how much with your deal.  Absolutely top notch mitts.  The goat leather does soften up a bit after a few uses, make sure you treat them with the balm that Hestra sends along with the mitts.  Removable liners, outstanding idiot leashes, great wrist guard.  Universally reviewed as one of the absolute best mitt on the market by........just about everyone.  Swany can't touch Hestra.  I have Hestra, my wife has Swany.....you couldn't pay me to use the Swany mitts compared to my Hestras.

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 I've ripped my past two pairs of gloves also (although they took a season each). I'm definitely going to be looking for something with a leather palm since both pairs ripped on the palm or finger. I don't do mitts, but that Heli Mitt sounds like the legit choice for the OP.

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I have 2 pairs of Hestra - the original slalom glove and the one finger mitt. Warm and super durable!!! Great quality, super soft - I always go back to them over and over

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I've been using a pair of the Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride gloves this year, and have become quite enamored with them.  The black and grey colors have the army goat leather which is supposed to wear better than the cow leather used in the other colors, and they're amazingly supple.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Hestra mitt based on my experience with these gloves.


What I've got for mitts is a pair of Black Diamond Mercury Mitts.  They're comfortable and ridiculously warm.  I wear them when it's below -10F or so.  They're too warm to wear very often, but seem to be built just like my older Black Diamond gloves which have worn like iron, so I imagine they'll probably last a decade or two, if I don't lose them first.

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I've been wearing a pair of Cabela's gloves for six years, rough use, patrolling etc.  They look like the Marmot glove but are less than half the price.  Best glove I ever had.


Mine have tan leather, but I think this is the same glove:




On sale now for $55.  I'm going to pick up a new pair

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Go to the hardware store and buy a set of these
Carhart gloves are very nice too but not as durable. You won't be disappointed.
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check out the mountain hardware gloves with OUtDry. We have a couple threads in the member ski gear reviews. Their Medusa Mittens are awesome.  Totally waterproof, much better than a gore-tex material   STP is blow them out stupid cheap too

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For the price you cannot beat the Kinko leather work gloves.
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Get the Hestra's with the goat palm - check the descriptions, not all colors come in goat. I like the Vertical Cut Freeride gloves. But if you need a mitten, the XCR 3-finger might be a good choice (looks like it is out of stock on proform tho, so you might try the Heli 3-finger). Also, the XCR glove if you prefer a gauntlet glove (I like the Freeride b/c it has the tight-fitting neoprene gauntlet).


Kincos coated a few times with sno-seal are cheap and durable. But nowhere near as dexterous as the Hestras. As they say elsewhere, Hestra gloves are dexterous as f*ck. I have a couple pair of Kincos from when I patrolled. I found they didn't fit me that well, weren't that warm, and just weren't worth it. YMMV.

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I found a pair of Heli 3 finger mitts, they're still fairly expensive.  Kincos are definitely out of the picture, I don't like the look of them and have some friends in Lift Operations who've let me try them out.  Just not a fan I guess.  Any other recommendations out there at a slightly lower price?  I may just stomach the cost, but at my current wage it's legitimately 2 days of work after taxes!

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It can't be that hard to find a pair. If you have a pro deal, find the best pair gloves you can afford and buy 'em.

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/\/\ That's a pretty sweet deal on what look like bad-azz mittens.

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Killer deal after you factor in another 20% off coupon that STP regularly shows on their site before you checkout.

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