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Boot canting?

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I have a fairly new pair of 27.5 Head Vector 120 boots.  I'm skiing them on a Head Supershape Titan ski.  I've noticed the inside edges of the ski feel slightly angled in when I'm standing up straight, and at speed the skis feel kind of unstable (ie wobbly).  Could this be caused by my boots having too much "bow-leg" cant (ie outward)?  I haven't had the cant adjusted since I bought them, so I'm using whatever they defaulted to.


With the high amount of sidecut on the Titan, it seems logical that any assymetrical side loading would cause immediate instability. 


I've never seen it discussed, but what is the optimum cant?  Obviously depends on your legs and feet, but is the optimum "result" completely flat skis while standing straight?


It makes sense that the inside edge angled in would produce a more responsive ski and angled out would produce a less responsive ski, but in either case too much should lead to instability and difficult skiing. 


Thanks for any input!

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Every boot holds a skier in a different position. sometiimes good and sometimes bad. With edge chatter or wobble u should see a boot fitter for a stance aligment. Generally if your bowlegged- pull the cuff to the outside, knock-kneed pull the cuff to the inside. You can try this your self, neutral first then ski the boot one or two runs. Then pull the cuff all the way to the outside, ski again and then push the cuff to the insde. See which position is better.  If you still have problems go to for a boot fitter in ur area.


Jeffrey Rich C. Ped

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