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I have the 2010 Speed Course WC (FIS Rated 23m R) version 176 Length, new (old stock) this year.  The Dynastars are a blast to ski.  Torsionally, just amzaing.  I have yet to ski mogels and powder, but expect them to perform nicely (still want to get some time in on them since I've just step down from 205 Blizzard GS Race Skis need a bit of adjustment to the new technique).   Stock edge is 1d base 3d side (measured and looked it up on the internet). I'd recommend this ski to any advanced strong skier as this ski can be maded to to do anything you like and it will perform.  The non WC skis are a little softer, and shorter turning radius.  Also the Shortest length of the WC models only use 1 metal sheet (in some of the race literature, google Dynastar PDF).  Interestingly enough they recommend soft boots for the high end racers ZAZA about 110-120 flex in some of the literature.  BTW I'm 6'0" 168lbs.





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I have the 2010 Dyanstar Speed Course WC ski in the 176.  Love it.  Have yet to find the upper limits of the ski, as the more you put in the more it gives back. There are some very good deals on these skis on Ebay (from a Canadian seller, he's clearing them out for a local shop).


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Also worth considering the Rossignol Radical 9 GS.  Have had them two seasons.  Great, versatile GS ski.  Runs on rails, very stable at high speed, precise, predictable.  But also good energy return, lively.  Easier to vary the turn radius than other GS skis I've had.  Rewards good technique and energy, but still reasonably forgiving - won't dump you on your rump at the end of the day if your legs are getting tired.  Its width also means you can ski it a bit shorter than other GS skis making it easier to maneuver in bumps.  Great ski for an advanced/expert or rec racer looking to rip up EC groomers.

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I finally bought a pair of this years Speed Course Ti (11/12) in 177 to ski groomers as we didn't have any snow by February. I like the ski for the fact I can make fun racing turns when its crowded, and keep the speed down.When the hill is clear they have nearly the stability of a FIS GS ski yet make nice slalom turns as well. You can go for the tail in the flats and get a rocket out of the turns. It skis OK in broken snow and pretty good in mixed conditions. This last Friday I had a chance to bring my four pair of skis out for comparison and in the run I took down frozen granular bumps with a hint of fresh windblown, they were well behaved enough to enjoy the run. I spent over 5 hours skiing groomers on them on Saturday. When the edge sharpness wears away they still grip well enough on firm and are light enough with the plate so you won't get tired skiing them all day. The Avenger Ti was a close consideration, but the Course Ti is better on hard snow and ice. I'm using a Lange WC ZB flex boot and they are well matched. On an earlier day I had to ski back to the car and the best slope on that side had gone through to rocks with the traffic, (a case to have taken the shuttle). Some minor Ptex and edge repair but I will rate the base and edge quality as very high after workking out the case hardening, ans completing base and tuning steps.  Fast bases, they ride like a FIS ski on the flats. Good technique is required, If I start the pressure late, the ski wil slide out, start it early and tracks unwaveringly. I was thinking of getting the 159 for my 14 year old daughter but its quite stiff in that length, and will probably get her the speed cross with less metal in it.



45 years of skiing

level 9

200 lbs 6'

other skis

Dynastar '12 LP 105 192

Dynastar '11 LP Sultan 94 184

Dynastar '9/10  LP Sultan 85 184

Dynastar -12 Speed Course Ti 177

Atomic '05 Snoop Daddy 185 (still going strong as rock skis)


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I got a chance to ski these in podser bumps and Ice bumps at the end of this season and they did not dissapoint. You need to stay centered or the firm tail will throw you around, but all in all they were pretty good moguls skis. They come around quick when you need them to. I picked up a pair of head Ipeak pro 78's for my non bolier plate days and feel that they are a little easier, yet are not far behind in edgehold to the Speed Course. The Speed Course will probably be my main stick for hard pack icy days and the Head will be for Bumping, tree skiing and powder for next season.

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