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SHIN BANG. Unique situation and i need a MIRACLE CURE.

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I am having some really bad shin bang.  I use Dalbello Krypton Crosses with basically fully ratcheted down buckles and a 3 strapped Booster Strap and they fit well.  I'm a good skier so i'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with stance (i.e. too far back) but I have found that the boots have become very soft and when I'm going through choppy snow I can really feel my outside boot just cranking down and flexing way too much.  I recently took a jump and landed in the backseat and noticed that my shin kind of hurt at the time of impact but it went away so i didn't think anything of it.  


Today, I was skiing and and hit a good sized chunk of avalanche debris.  To avoid going tip first into it i leaned back so my tips could clear the chunk, which unfortunately it turned out to be a block of ice.  I got over it unscathed but because I was so far in the backseat and going around 20 mph, when i hit the unforgiving ice chunk, I felt and great amount of pressure on my calves against my boot.  I know that when you land in the backseat, you're shin naturally will jam into the front of your boot.  I'm assuming this is the cause of my pain.  by the end of the day I had to ski on my right leg to get to the base of the mountain because the pain was so intense whenever a sudden bump popped out at me.


Interestingly, my last run today was a groomer and I noticed that if I maintained hard pressure against the front of my boots, the pain would be bad upon initial flexion but would lessen as I maintained the pressure.  The pain comes from sudden and/or initial pressure on the shin.


My shin pain starts about 2 inches above the flexion point in my ankle and ends around the top of my boot.  


I'll tie my two issues (soft boots and shin pain) together in a question for the BEST of the best BOOT GUYS out there...I need a miracle cure because I don't want to not ski haha


I just got stiffer tongues for my crosses to fix how soft the boots are and I have heard that this can help with shin bang.  but my shins are super sensitive to touch so I would assume that a stiffer tongue would only intensify my pain.  


Is there anything that I can do to relieve my shin pain, keeping in mind that I want to use my stiff tongues??  I need a miracle cure...I know my miracle boot doctor super pro is out there!!


I'm going to WalMart now to see if I can find a thick neoprene pad that I can put on my shins


Maybe the right thing would be a firm donut type pad that I can put around the sensitive area to keep all pressure off the area...but this seems unlikely to keep ALL pressure off my shin.


maybe the only solution is to take time off for my shins to heal by themselves...but who wants to do that?

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we fix boots, we dont heal people.   



Try the stiffer tongue, and make sure the boot is dont up tight against your shin (even pressure) if you have the sudden pressure it hurt, so constant pressure is better?


what is the shell fit like. can you give us a number in mm? (not fingers, not "they fit well")


add some padding to the tongue, all around the pressure point (like a donut)





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Shin bang can also be caused for a tight calf. Do some calf stretches. Also the Eliminator Tongue from Masterfit is great for shin bang.

Jeffrey Rich C. Ped.


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