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Need advice on selecting ski

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Ski total a handful times ever, never learned pizza turns, using not so good parallel turns (learned from watching video), with rental ski(beginner-short one) can go blue/green in Pennsylvania resorts without trouble, but I ski slowly and always make turns when skiing, never go straight down hill. I think I have good agility, and quick reflex(not yet dare to use it in ski), willing to train my legs to be more powerful.


Like ski a lot, Just bought a pair of used:

Nordica Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT 122 72 105 R 12 M (2009 version?)

which reaches to my chin, was warned by seller that this ski is for racers, and since I just ski a few times, I need to be very careful with it. All I want is this ski can let me enjoy ski resorts, the most difficult ski I plan to learn/do is one black diamond.

Can someone with more knowledge and skills give me some more advice on how should I proceed with this racer ski? Or should I just buy a intermediate one and start from there?





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I have no idea of that exact ski, but just for some background, 


The most important stat is the waist (the middle number) in this case is 72 which is narrower compared to the typical skis sold these days.  

Anything under 85mm these days people call "race skis"  (although couple years back it was anything under 75).  


When people say "race skis"  what they mean is that the ski is designed just for on the trail, and not as good for going off into the powder or off trail.  I read some industry stat saying 75% of skis sold in 2011 were designed with stuff to cater to people who wanted to go off trail (rocker technology and over 85mm in waist), so the tastes of what people want in their ski has drastically changed.

When looking at the other stats of your skis, they do not look like skis are designed for only expert skiers in competition.  So don't feel that you do not have enough skills just because these are "race skis".  I think they are designed for any level skier, so should work fine for you-if you like them.  It all depends on you.  Race in this case mainly means designed to perform best on-trail and will not do well off-trail.    

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Sorry, I should have posted some links for the ski:






I am just worried about if I can handle it and use it up to black diamond.






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Maybe I need to provide more information of this ski:





I just wish i can grow into the level that I can use it and also, it is enough to handle all the black diamond for resorts only.

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