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just because your famous does not mean your a good skier. Curious what you guys think? what would you work on?

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I have better video of Dan on a groomer. He's a strong skier - better off groomers. He has a big up move on groomers. Doesn't show up as much off piste though. Much more "at home" in bumps as you can see from your video. I actually had a blast skiing with Dan at ESA a few years back.

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Some of Okemo's steeper terrain.

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First, I'm a complete n00b so pardon me if I'm out of line. Some nice skiing! Obviously Dan's a very experienced and competent skier.


The thing that I noticed most was the "waving" of the arms, a lack of a pole plant for turn initiation, and an unnatural twisting of the upper body during turn initiation. I think that Dan is "twisting" to initiate his turns, as opposed to a more canonical plant+unweight+transition turn initiation sequence. Of course, I'm probably completely wrong/out of date/misinformed on skiing technique so please take all of this with a large dose of sodium-cloride.


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