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Fischer Skis

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Can anyone give me a testimony on fischers from the c-line?


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Not sure how valuable a testimony I can give, but I like mine ;)


I bought a used set of the 2010/2011 Progressor 10+ skis in a 180 at the end of last season to replace some aging Volkl P60 GC racing skis.  I'm 6ft 180 lbs and my use is MN hardpack/icepack/nastar/beer leauge racing.  I've been very impressed with them, but don't have other skis to compare them to.  I'm still not sure what the dual radius 18-14 means, but it seems to work well enough in both GS and slalom courses.  The skis hold extremely well on ice.  The tune-it binding system - honestly I can't feel a difference between any of the 3 settings, others say they can.



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I have the Motive 84 C Line. Really an excellent ski. Check dawgcatching review of it. it is spot on. I can also confirm that the tune it function on the plate really works, big gap from full soft to full stiff.


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What color is soft and what is stiff. I have a pair and have never moved them off the middle setting. Am  I correct that yellow is stiff?

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Yellow is stiff, black is soft.


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