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DPS wailer 99 hybrid 176 v PM Gear Bro 99 179 v Kastle FX 94 176

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drawing up a short list of skis suitable for  my introduction into touring and backcountry skiing , and after loads of searches and reading , these three are my top pickssmile.gif. I am looking for a ski that has the right weight stats for touring , but also has the capability of being used for a every day in resort ski as well , to this end i am thinking of mounting them with a dual quiver killer set up of marker jester / dynafit , or just marker baron , haven't finalised this yet as the options for bindings seems endlesssmile.gif

for this and next season i am only looking at one day tours and short skins to access stuff from the lifts and maybe an overnighter.


i am 165cm tall and weigh in at 73kg (5'6" & 160lbs) and ski in an adventurous style , at medium speeds .


at present i ski kastle mx88 168 in resort and down the sides, and mx108 177 off piste and in the powder , which this year has been plentywink.gif in euro land. so the plan is to replace the 88's with one of the above ,as i dont really want to have more than two pairs to cover all my needs.


would really appreciate any thoughts , good and bad on my choices smile.gif




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You don't seem clear whether you want an alpine binding resort ski (if so, why the W99?) or an AT rig that can do resorts. Kastle is coming out with some killer lightweight touring models in the 95-105 range next year if that and you can wait. And Blizzard's making a lighter weight Bonafide-shape/size ski which might do all of it very well. If you can't wait, I'd pick the FX94 for groomers+day touring+moderate off-piste in Europe, where you can get some ice and stiff crud, not to mention bumps, away from the lifts. Own one, that's what it's designed for. Superb all around mountaineering ski. But not a push button, and maybe wasted if just alpine bindings for groomer duty. Have not heard that the Wailer 99 will like harder snow, although would make a dynamite dedicated touring rig or a groomer ski if you could always have softer conditions. The 179 PM is apparently a very nice ski, versatile, probably far better on groomers than the W99, but not as solid as the FX. I owned a bigger PM, thought it skied really well, maybe a hair nervous in front at speed, but mainly had QC issues; that was a while back, and their new models have a different construction, so can't extrapolate. 

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sorry for the vagueness re bindings, but the possible combination seems endless, if possible the ideal mounting variation for me would be two sets of quiver killer inserts , one for jesters allowing for resort only use , and one for a dynafit/plum set up for touring , the advice i have recieved so far says that an AT set up like the baron would not be ideal for longer day tours . so that way i have one ski for two uses , and no compromise in performance either way.

would be happy to wait for the new kastle line up , but am planning a trip to chile this summer for a touring / off piste trip so was hoping to have something sorted,and maybe pickup last years ski at a bargin end of season price , but will look into what coming and see whats on offer.


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Got it. Well, for actual touring, agree about QK or similar, would lean toward something like a PM 179 then. Prior makes an all carbon 104 mm ski, Husume, that's really nice, damper than DPS's carbons, comes in at 3400 g at 181. folks use it for all mountain at Whistler. The Wailer 99 in hybrid might be nice, too. Recall it's still very light, but will handle hardpack better then the Pure version. 

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Apparently, the W99 kills on hard snow. That said, for what I think your intended use is, the FX94 is the ski.

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Anything Davenport has designed would rule for what you describe, which means Kaestle. icon14.gif

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Well, sorta. Notice he mentioned overnighters and Plums. Not saying that the FX wouldn't rule on the way down, it's the class of the group cited. Some questions how it would rule going up. Light for an alpine ski, yes. Light for a touring ski, no. Davenport designed it for mountaineering approaches, recall, not straight touring. 

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allthough i am planning the occasional overnight trip , the majority use for this set up would be to access off piste downhill skiing and to get around the resort area to achieve this , 4/5 day tours are something for the distant future at the moment, so to be able to mount the ski alpine with jesters for max , resort performance when conditions are poor , and then to be able to use the same ski with a dynafit/plum set up for the tours and BC access would be ideal ,meaning  a total two ski quiver for all conditions .


any more info on the  new kastle range would be useful 

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^^^^ You sound like a perfect fit for the FX then. Far as I know the new touring skis will be very dedicated, for instance topsheet directly on fiberglass instead of on nylon, not much rubber, just light wood core and glass. Crazy light, as in < anything comparable that DPS makes. But doesn't look like a good ski for routine frontside. I've heard they also are releasing a freestyle line, including a fat ski with rocker and a twin-ish tail. But no changes I've heard about in the existing lines, including MX's or FX's or LX's. Gawd they have have a lot of overlapping models these days, and more to come....

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Cheers for the input , that confirms my thoughts as if anything new was lighter than the tx range it wouldn't fit the bill, will now wait for end of season sales and see what bargains are to be had. Last year I picked up my MX108 hugos at half price .
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I don't know about the others, but having skied some rocker/camber/rocker skis (which also describes the w99), I wouldn't ski backountry variable or powder snow with any other type of ski.

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Have skied both in those conditions, kinda depends. If your BC tends to involve lotsa pow, then fully agree. That's why god gave us DPS. But if it involves mild pow but variable crap, sun cups, the whole nine yards, then I think the FX (94 or 104) will kill any other ski made. (And note that at least through last year the W105 was not what I'd call rockered. Partly because they wanted one model that handled serious touring/approach duties. Not sexy, but useful.)

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for info, i ski mainly in europe, and apart from the start of this year the snow is allways varialble. last year i had 25 days skiing and only saw fresh snow twice and that was in may !!

so i want to choose a ski that wont just cope with the hardpack,crusty,skied out stuff, its needs to be able to perform well on these , but have enough pow performance to enjoy the fesh if and when it comes .

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the choice is now down to the FX94 176, which i can source and fit up pronto, or the DPS W99 hybrid which i am struggling to source, and either one to be mounted with barons on QK"s , then dual fit some tech bindings next season if i start to venture out furher afield . 


would appreciate any direct comparisons , i know this is difficult as the 99 are so new , but would love to hear anyone who has skied them both smile.gif



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Ok now fully committed to the kastle FX 94 , and the only thing left to decide is length . My 50/50 on off ski is 168 & my powder ski is 177 , so thinking the FX in 168 would be the way to go to give me more manoeuvrability and a bit lighter for the climbs ,the kastle ski guide says 168 for my style and size, do you agree ????? I am 5'6" and 73 kg
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