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Ability to widen Krypton versus FT Konflicts

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Hi all, I'm looking for a pretty quick and dirty answer here.  I am in Banff for another day and there is a solid deal on some Konflicts.  I have tried on the Konflicts and like them a lot, but think i will need them widened a little here and there.  I also tried on some stock Rampages and liked them too, but will also need some work.  I would rather have the ID liners in the Dalbello's and would prefer the Cross if going this route. 


My quick question, will the Konflicts hold the reshaping as well as the Dalbellos? 


Both boots will need to be fitted once i get back to Ontario this weekend so i will have to pay shop rates for the work on the Konlicts for sure and likely on the Kryptons if i have to get them online.


Any thoughts? i have read all about the boots and basically feel it comes down to what feels better, but the main issue is i find the same points on both will need to be worked on.  Most people i talked to seem to think the Kryptons are worth the extra money but i just don't know?  also, any idea how much shop time it will take to get these pushed out? would likely need a bump out on the inside from big toe to arch and outside from about start of toes to lower buckle.  Thanks,

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the quick and dirty answer is Yes.  All boots except for the really cheap ones (crappy plastic) can be stretched in almost any place you need.



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I ended up not getting either boots and am now hunting for a pair of Krypton Cross.  I have found a number of the normal KCs online and with the savings i could always call up Intuition and get the liners another time if i feel the stock ones are lacking. my biggest concern now is the size.  My feet measure 285ish mm so i have been leaning towards a 28.5 shell, but three different shops suggested i go with a 27.5 - 1st shop said my toes will come off front with skiing position and high-arched footbeds (which i had sized while unweighted - superfeet), 2nd shop thought i should have a performance fit in the FTs since i like running the bumps, and 3rd shop only had the Rampages in that size but said he would punch out the spot for my big toe and then the shell would be perfect for all the toes.  I'm not sure about the first two shops, but the third one's logic kind of makes sense to me given that the 27.5 shell would be fine for the rest of my toes. he also seemed to be the most knowledgeable about the fit in general explaining how the smaller shell would provide a better heel hold as well as he knocked on the shell all over to determine where i was touching and therefore where he would need to expand the shell.  Does all of this make sense? Can a shop actually punch out a halfsize to full size in one section for 1 toe?


I can't seem to find any shops that carry this boot so i'm likely going to buy online and have fitted locally.  Any size advice is appreciated as well as if anyone is selling the Cross in a 27.5 or 28.5.  Also, does the 28.0 just have a smaller liner or is there anything else different?


Thanks for any advice.  I'll either be having these fitted in Ellicottville NY or Collingwood ON so any bootfitter advice would also be welcome. right now i am leaning toward Cam at the Sporting Life in Collingwood as it is near my local hill.



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