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footbed, Superfeet Kork?

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I just got fitted for custom Superfoot Kork footbeds...im having a little buyers remorse.  My main concern is that there is a better product out there and/or the bootfitter who made them for me doesnt have enough experience.  


I have had an absolute horrible time with my new boots (Nordica Double Six's), they are very small. 

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i it is suitable for your foot then there is no better product out there, if it does not work for you then there are plenty of others that may work better... the main thing is that the fitter needs to understand the products, how to make them all and what works best for each foot


one thing about the kork is that it takes up a little bit of space, if the boots are already very tight then it may not help the issues




BUT... you haven't explained what the problem is other than to say the boots are very small???? if you can explain more we cna give you a better answer



ps i have also edited the name of your thread as superfeet and surefoot are different things entirely 

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I have been skiing for about 16 years & I am a size 10 running shoe & I have custom orthotics for a slight case of plantar fasciitis & pretty sever pronation.  I went to a ski shop in washington DC to buy a new pair of boots.  I ended up buying the Nordica Double Six's in a size 25.5.  They felt extremely tight when I purchased them, but the fitter said "I have a bigger foot than you & I wear a size 25.5".

I went with the bootfitters recommendation & headed to my trip to Utah.  We went to snowbird & when I took the tram up for the first run, my feet were already going numb.  Halfway down the mountain I could barely ski anymore...the entire outside of both feet were cramped, my toes were crunched against the front & everything was numb.  I headed to the bootfitters @ snowbird and the first thing they asked was "who fit your boot".  I told them my story & they said the boot was too small, but they think they could still make it work.  I was in and out of the shop about 4 times & spent about 3-4 hours there.

When I came in at the end of the day, I noticed a small pinhole in the toe of my left boot shell.  I took it back to the guys at snowbird and they said it wont mess the integrity of the boot & this happens.  I skied on the boot a couple more days and each day it felt better, but my toes were still more uncomfortable than I would like.  Plus my toes were freezing when I skied for 2 hours without breaking.

I took the boots back to where I bought them & they were surprisingly very nice about the situation, they said they would refund me the money or give me a different size.  They told me that a custom Superfeet Kork footbed would help solve my problem.  So I got fit for one of those and spent another $120.

I guess im just not sure who/what to believe anymore.  I dont know if my boots are the right size & I dont know if the custom footbed I bought is a good product and/or if the guy making the custom bed was good at it.

Im just exhausted with the situation and I have spent $680 on the boots/footbed & work done on them at snowbird...& I feel like im back at square one.

Please help if you can.

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ouch a size 25.. thats pushing it with a footbed. I too measure a 10 but wear a 26 mondo ski boot with a full length footbed with no problem. When i wear a 25 ski boot i only can use a 3/4 lenght footbed.


Jeffrey Rich C. Ped.


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