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Ski recommendations for East coast groomers and occasional ice?

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Haven't been keeping up with all the new ski technology/products, and frankly, am a bit overwhelmed/confused with all the choices, so would appreciate some help/suggestions narrowing things down.  In brief, I'm between 5'8" and 5'9", 160-165 lbs, in my mid-'40s, have skied for 30-something years, and I think qualify as a solid intermediate in terms of Vermont/NH mountains (Killington, Okemo, Waterville Valley, etc.).  Never a racer or very aggressive, not a slalom/straight down the fall line skier unless that's the only way down, almost never go off-piste.  I mainly ski with my teenage son, as my wife doesn't ski (which is why we almost never go out west :-(.  Not really worried about powder days beyond the rare stuff we get on the East coast.


Any suggestions?  I see a lot about skis like the Legend/Sultan 85 on this board, but since I never go off-trail, am not sure whether or not that makes sense.  Would something like the Blizzard Magnums 8.1 (which also seem to get some love here) be better or too much ski for me?  Can't seem to find much info about skis in the sub-80mm range (e.g., Magnum 7.6, Legend 80 -- which appears to be discontinued, but is still available some places).  I have seen a few rave reviews of the Kastle LX 72 and/or 82 that sound like they might be appropriate for what I'm describing, but the price tag seems a bit steep -- are they really worth the extra $$ over "regular" skis for someone of my middling abilities?  Finally, should I care about rocker?  Will I even have a choice?


Would appreciate thoughts on the appropriate length for whatever skis folks suggest as well -- seems to have changed a bit since I bought my last skis (K2 Axis 176cm).


Thanks so much!

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Lots of choices, best bet is to demo as many as possible before making a decision. If I was looking at just a frontside carver for the groomers, I would look at Volkl Tigersharks. They have incredible edge hold when the conditions get hard. I was impressed, and bought a pair of Elan Waveflex Amphibio 82XTi to complement my Atomic D2 SLs as a more all-mountain ski, since being in Eastern Canada, hardpack and ice are more often than not and there are only a few rare days of anything that resembles powder. I would recommend trying one of the Elan Waveflex series as well.


Good luck!

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I'm in the east as well.  I'll add that you should look at the Fischer Progressor line.  I had similar criteria to you, demo'd the Progressor 9+ (along with a few others) and then purchased the 9+.  I always feel my edges are locked in, regardless of whether it's groomed or near ice conditions.


I also demo'd the Volkl Tigershark 10' last year and it was a close second.

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Suggest you look at Dawgcatching's < 80 mm thread in Gear Reviews Forum. Some very good skis out there in the 72-78 range that would make great EC skis for daily drivers, mostly frontside, occasional light pow/chop, bumps. Blizzard, Fischer, and Kastle make particularly nice models in that range for lighter skiers. 

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