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POLL: WHERE do you wax your skis?

Poll Results: Where do you wax your skis?

  • 31% (24)
    In the garage
  • 2% (2)
  • 57% (44)
    Completely indoors (basement, utility room, etc) with no ventilation/respirator
  • 1% (1)
    Indoors without ventilation, but with n99 vapor respirator
  • 1% (1)
    Indoors, but with SCBA respirator
  • 6% (5)
    Indoors with mechanical exhaust system and no respirator
  • 0% (0)
    Indoors with mechanical exhaust system and respirator
77 Total Votes  
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I'm more interested in the poll, not so much the discussion.  So if you have nothing to say, please take 5 seconds and complete the poll!


It is interesting that perfluoroalkanes are completely inert and actually used for medical applications (such as pumping into burn victims lungs to facilitate respiration in damaged lungs).  However, perfluoro carboxylic acids are not so benign, apparently.  However we often eat them in popcorn, pizza, and once at fast food locations as food/beverage container coatings contain(ed) them.

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There's no choice for "on the bottom"!




sorry, could not resist...


Although on a serious note wrt to this poll. I usually do a quick cork-on with Hertel. Partly because it is quick and convenient, and works well enough for my needs. But also partly because it allows me to duck the fume issue. If I hot wax, I crack the garage door a bunch. If I were to do a lot of hot waxing, I'd sort out some low overhead fume reduction approach - likely just basic ventilation based.

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I wax in my bathroo... wait a second, you said skis. In that case, I wax them in the basement, without a respirator. However, I doubt my waxing routine is a rigorous as most of you guys. I wax maybe 5-6 times a season, with regular, cheap wax, no flouro wax here.

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the hydrocarbon waxes ironed with only incidental smoking is how nasty?  How about P-tex fumes? seem nastier.

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I only use hydrocarbons and the door is open.  I think I'm fine?  I'm right by the door and the room is so warm relative to the rest of the house I think the outflow is pretty reliable.  

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The poll is flawed--where is the "on the bottoms" option? biggrin.gif

Frankly, I've waxed my skis in pretty much every possible type of place, from outside to windowless basements. I don't generally produce much, if any smoke, and I have never bothered to worry about a respirator. I also don't generally use fluorinated waxes, but I am more careful with ventilation when I do. The tuning benches in our locker room benefit from a large ventilation fan, directly to the outside.

Best regards,

Edit: oops--sorry SpinDrift--I see that you beat me to the "on the bottoms" line. Great minds......
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Ok, I just wanted to make sure others did it inside.


In all my (fairly limited) experience of hot-waxing (hydrocarbons and fluoros included), I have NEVER encountered "smoke."  No way, no how.  I've melted the wax, but I cannot believe I have vaporized any.


Quite frankly I don't even "smell" anything other than the "heat" from my iron.



Sorry, someone in another thread posted and made reference to some study with WC techs that alarmed me.



But probably I should discontinue hot fluoro indoors.  I'm looking into decent-quality paste-on/rub-ons, or I'll just do my expensive overlays at the hill and leave it at that.

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 WHERE do you wax your skis?


On the bottom.....

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Basement, never smoked the wax and never smelled anything. Only potential problem is the naptha rag used to clean oil off edge after sharpening but that either get thrown outside immediately or wrapped in two layers of nitril gloves that I just used during sharpening.
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Flawed, no option for "indoors while smoking camels"

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Flawed, no option for "indoors while smoking camels"

filtered or unfiltered...the camels. 

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How can you tell?

Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

filtered or unfiltered...the camels. 


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My tuning bench is in an unfinished portion of my basement and I try to keep the iron cool enough to avoid smoking.  I imagine the solvents I clean guns with on the same work bench probably does far more harm than ski wax.

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Wait... on the bottom? Ohhhh... maybe that's why it hasn't been working. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Originally Posted by freeski919 View Post

Wait... on the bottom? Ohhhh... maybe that's why it hasn't been working. th_dunno-1[1].gif

Waxing the topsheets does have some merit as well.....wink.gif


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Colonel Mustard with an iron, in the garage, no ventilation, no respirator,  hydrocarbon wax, low/no smoke, up to 4 pairs per session often 5 pairs as needed (usually every other full day of use).

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Basement shop, no ventilation.  Good iron so no smoke, but I've been using a Waz WHIZard a lot more so I ventilation, or lack thereof, isn't an issue.

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In the motel room.

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Wherever I happen to be when wax is needed.  When bases beckon, wax comes forth.

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It's a shame; the other day I had to use my albuterol inhaler on the slopes for the first time in two months (probably due to the wax vapors reducing lung function).


Oh well, I see why the IOC bans that stuff.

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Garage is in basement.   Mmm...I love the smell of wax in the morning.



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Did a base repair yesterday, shop is in garage with a wall mounted exhaust fan. Tuning area has sheet plastic separating it from the rest of the garage.

Today, it still smells like melted p-tex. I wish the respirator had arrived already.
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Flawed, poll doesn't include mom's ironing boardspit.gif

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I always wax them on the bottom, seems to work better if I put it there.devil.gif

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I do sometimes (but not very often) use fluoros and 100% of the times I do I use the respirator. I had to look up my respirator to see what category it is - SCBA. I use it when fluoros go on and when I scrape fluros. I also sometimes use it when I scrape real hard super cold waxes as I cant imagine the very fine particles of HC wax could do me any good to breathe.

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Is the garage  "outside" ?


My slalom skis will fit in the back of a Pacer.

The Pacer doesn't fit in the garage. I have to use an extension cord.



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That is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.  Most excellent. icon14.gif

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