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What Length All Mountain ski?

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Hi all:  Yes another of those threads... any help would be appreciated.


I am 42, 5'10 and just under 180.  I am an advanced intermediate skier who spends most of his time on the groomers (where my wife does her skiing) and a little time (hopefully more!) around the fringes of the pistes here out west in Whistler.  I want a ski that can rail the groomers (nice carver) but can handle some deeper stuff and some trees around the edge of the pistes (not into bumps so much).


I am looking at the Experience 88 as my possible ski, but am torn about what length to go with: 170 or 178?


Any other skis to suggest? (I like look of the Nordica Steadfast too)


This will, for the moment, be my one ski... so it better be good!


Thanks for the help



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I haven't skied the Rossi, but I have skied the Nordica Steadfast in a 170 and also the Line Prophet 90.  I spent more time the Prophets but I liked the Nordica better.  It certainly carves better than the Prophet and was just fun to ski.  My son, 6' , 160 pounds, also skied the Nordicas and he really wants a pair.  I'm only 5'8" and the 170s felt just fine for both of us so that length should also be good for you.  If you can try the 170 and 179(?) do it and see which you like.  We skied groomers, trees and bumps and ski was just fine for all of those conditions.


As far as the difference between 170 and 178 goes, the 178 would give you better flotation but the 170 would be easier to maneuver in the trees.

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As an advanced intermediate, at your size I would reccomend a 170 length in most all mountain skis.  I have skied the E88 in the 178 and liked it.  But it has an early rise tip which makes it ski shorter than a conventional ski at the same length.  Another ski you should consider is the Blizzard Bushwacker, also in the 178 length for the same reason, it has tip and tail rocker and skis shorter.


If you like the feel of a "system ski" the Volkl RTM 80 or 84, Blizzard Mag 7.6 or 8.1, Nordica Hot Rod Tempest, Rossi Avenger 76 or 82 (I like the carbon versions better than the Ti.) are all good choices and will help you become an advanced level skier.


If you can, demo.  Best way to find the ski you love.


Good Luck,


Rick G

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