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New skis?

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Hey all, I need some opinions. So I've been riding my '03 Public Enemies for a while now. They are super dope on hard pack and packed pow, but are pretty bad when it comes to deep pow/wet snow/bumps. I'm looking for a ski that floats well in new powder, but can also handle the rest of the mountain.

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What is your weight, height and ability since those would affect greatly the kind of ski you would need.

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My bad. I'm 6'3" weigh about 190. This is my first season skiing (have been boarding for 6) I ski mostly backmountain at Sundance in Utah and occasionally make it up to snowbird/alta/canyons.  I The only time I really struggle on a black run is when the snow is too deep or if it's too bumpy (two areas where my skis lack and really what I'm looking for: good powder performance that won't suck on groomers/hardpack/speed.) I'm a level 7 on this scale.

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So really something that will compliment my '03 public enemies. 

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Well I can say when I weighed 180-190 and I am just a little shy of six foot  three (still currently that height). A few years back I bought my atomic snoop daddies 176cm they rocked especially when I weigthed as much as you, . They are great skis I used to be able to ski powder on them until this year after training for rugby im up to 225 their amazing skis for bumps and pow for me back when I was lighter but not now I just sink in the snow but are still phenominal on bumps since I can just fling em around and are good carvers to.

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you could try and find a ski about 95 or so underfoot and in a low 180 lenght. Im looking for a new pair of skis to replace my snoops and ive been demoing and found it is still quite easy to move a ski in the 180's you shouldnt have much trouble either.

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