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Home fitness training for a J3/K2 girl?

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My 1997 born daughter is reasonably new to ski racing, but has now got to the level where she needs to more specific fitness training. She currently does about 2 hours of hockey a week, an hour of school pe, 2 hours indoor snowdome and an hour plastic(we live in the UK hence the plastic and snowdome training.) When she trains in the alps she skis and does fitness daily. When shes away the type of fitness she does is normally hiking, agility courses(running around cones, walking along beams, ladders ect), learning to lift weights, core, swimming ect. Pre FIS they try to keep it as fun as possible hence the hiking, swimming ect, but they do quite a lot amount of core strenght and stability still as well as the agility and fun things. She wants to improve her skiing and this means improving her strenght, and the gyms near us dont let under 16s use anything apart from the running machines. She pretty good at cross country and seems to have naturally high  cardiovascular endurance. Her speciality is the plank, which she can do for 7minutes, not sure what type of strenght/muscles this is? Does anyone have any suggestions of anything she can do at home to improve her fitness? She is 160cm/63inches tall and weights 44kg/96lb if that makes a difference. Not sure if any of the information i ve given is useful, im new to this! Thanks for any help

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Because she is so young, she does not need to use weights to strengthen her body. She needs to develop quality movement patterns first. Once a good base is made, you can incorporate weights of some kind. Being so young, it would be ideal for her to incorporate some coordination training. Some great examples are any single leg stability exercise (have her stand on one foot and throw a ball back and forth) and any kind of change in direction (shuffle side to side). This will make her control her body and activate her core. Plank is good to develop some but she must do some stabilizing movements as well. Here is an article I have written about how an athlete must involve the core in everything they do. 

Best wishes,

Coach Matt, CPT, NFPT

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