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MRR Rear Window

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Hi - Does anyone have a spare rear window for an MRR SC turntable binding??  I'm missing one, and although the bindings are still on the indemnified list, the shop won't readjust them for my new boots without the missing window.  If you have one and could stick it in an envelope and send it to me I would be eternally grateful and promise to send you a gift card or bottle of wine back.  Thanks.



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Have your shop call Marker to see if it still has any windows left.



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Thanks Dennis.  They tried but no success.



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I think I may have one in my tool kit at home; I will check it out this weekend and get back to you.

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Thanks ajhjr.  That would be awesome. 

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In fact I found two plus one with broken tabs. I would be glad to send them to you. Please send me a PM with your address and I will mail them out Monday,

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