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Help buying a new bigger pair of skis

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6' 3''

225-230 (depending on food intake :)  )

Expert skier? Not to sure how to define myself. 

20-30 Days a season

do not ride switch


Hey guys so Ive been looking into a new pair of skis this year. Reason being when I bought my 08 or 09 176 cm Atomic Snoop Daddies three seasons ago I was significantly smaller.... like 50 pounds and a few inches taller. I didn't really get big until last year after being motivated by my rugby coach to train seriously for a chance at playing a higher level rugby. So after commiting the to the gym and being significantly stronger I went skiing for the first time this season at KH/Reve when it dumped near a meter while out skiing. Needless to say the surfy feeling I had with these skis first time in powder is now no more. Turn initiation is more difficult now it is like the ground doesnt want to let go of my skis I have to put alot more effort into the turns then I used to. So I'm looking for reccomendations for a guy my size for a more powder specific pair of skis since I can still use my atomics on non powder days since I can fling them around like no big deal on moguls and groomers. 


I loved the feel of the atomics except in chopped up and crud snow where the tips deflect more. I have been searching around kind of getting some feel for what I may like to demo or buy in the future. My eyes have caught the attention of skis like the Atomic Atlas and Icelantic Shaman I feel like their width would be more ideal in a 180's length. I would really like a ski that kind of remembled the snoop daddy with maybe a bit stiffer or a tip. My only concern with the Atlas would be if they are to stiff.


I am a med to high speed skier somewhat aggressive I ski the hardest stuff on most resorts (going to Jackson in february so will truly find out what hard is) for those that are familiar with places like KH I go off of the CPR ridge and fuez and venture a little into T1 south. Also the glades in revelstoke. for the most part am able to ski 80% powder days since I can drive up for a weekend to KH or reve when ever possible. 


So really I'm looking for any advice with width models length Im open to any suggestions for what has worked for use bigger guys skiing trees and ridges (some capability on moguls would be nice but not crucial)



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I'm about 5'11" 220 lb and have really like a few different models and will be trying more at demo days in a couple of weeks.  So far I would say look at ON3P Wrenegades/Vicik or 191 Billy Goats, Volkl Katana, Nordica Girish, PM Gear Lasah Pow, Blizzard Cochise.  For me, I prefer longer skis, say 190 or longer, as they float better and guys our size with any strength and ability don't have any problems flexing these skis.  Don't be shy about length.  That said, do beware of the size of the skier in the reviews.  Makes a huge difference.  The softer boards that work well for the light guys can be so weak under us that you have no edge grip (i.e. Watea series were down right spooky bad on firm surfaces.  I just pushed right through them at modest speed) I'm fortunate enough to get to go to dealer demo days every year so I can try just about everything out there and have noticed a common thread.  Long, stiff boards are preferred.  If you have the opportunity, try skis from as many makers as possible.  You will probably find that you like the feeling of some brands better than others.  For me, I don't "generally" care for the feeling of Atomic and Solomon skis and do like those above.   But, I will keep trying boards from all the makers just to double check.  Right now I'm on Blizzard 8.1's (179), a couple pair of FIS race stock skis for the firmer goomer days, and Liberty Helix (187), also a really fun ski and one worth looking at.  That will be changing shortly as I seldom keep a pair of skis more than a season.  Just too much fun seeing what's on the other side of the fence.


My 2 cents.



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