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Canyons or PCMR

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I have 2 days to ski PC this weekend. already decided to ski Deer Valley on Saturday. Trying to decide between PCMR and canyons. I've skied them both extensively. I know they were in bad shape prior to this round of storms. Just wondering whether one is sking better than the other at this point in time. It seemed to me that Canyons had a fair amount of south facing terrain so was wondering if it was still bare over a lot of terrain. I could also possibly ski Brighton instead of either if BCC is clearly better than either. And don't say LCC or snowbasin as I'm already headed to those two areas after PC portion of trip is done this Sunday.

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I can only go on what I've seen and read, I'm not there. It seemed as if Canyons was in the worst shape of any UT resort, I wouldn't have thought that would change after one storm. If it's me making the decision based on what I've seen, PCMR for sure.

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