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boots to replace salomon x-wave 10

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Hi guys!


You helped me find a great pair of boots for me (Lange exclusive 100s, getting orthotics molded now, etc. etc.) and now my husband needs a pair.


Unfortunately, there is nowhere in nyc to try anything decent on (Paragon pretty much sold out of high end boots, REI had little to start with). SO we need to order some pairs from online retailers (hate this, but there's no other choice), try them on, then take them to a fitter for adjustments.


He was previously in Salomon X-Wave 10s (8 years old, or so). After custom orthotics, they worked well for him. He should obviously try on the Impact CS (130?). What about the Salomon Ghost? And are there any comparable Lange boots? From a quick online search, it looks like the RX 130 (white and green) might be a good option. Or would you suggest a different Lange as a point of comparison? Any others to put on his list?



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either is a good option.   impact is the Xwave replacement, and the XC/Falcon/Ghost is the narrower version.

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we have found the lange RX to have a similar (not the same) volume to the X wave, just be wary of the sizes and make sure they are not too big.....or wait till you can get to a real live boot fitter as internet recommendations are seldom perfect

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Thanks, guys. We have ordered the salomon ghost, x3, and impact and also the lange rx130 in his size. Will have him try on all 4 and take the best (or 2 best) feeling ones to a local boot fitter for final decision, foot beds, and any modifications to the liner/shell. Of course I completely agree that it's best to involve the fitter in the initial decision of what to try on in the store, but the issue in nyc is that there are basically no boots to try on. The selection at the local stores (Paragon, REI) is lame--if they even have the boots you're interested in, chances are they only have them in one size each, so it's impossible to compare to anything. Surefoot has a lot of high performance shells, but then you have to buy their liners and take your chances with whatever sales associate is on hand in the store that day to fit them, which goes against my better judgement. Will see how this route works out and report back. I really appreciate the help! And if you know anyone who feels like opening a high performance ski boot shop in nyc, tell them to get on it! There's definitely a market.

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Update on husband's boots: We got 4 pairs of boots to try, and after a week of trying and comparing, he has narrowed it down to the Lange RX130 Pro (the narrow one) and the Salomon Ghost. The fit is very similar, he loves them both. He is planning to ski in them next weekend in upstate NY to get a sense of any issues, then take them to a fitter for orthotics/modifications if needed, and then take out west for kids' spring break. Planning on keeping whichever he chooses for the next ten years, so wants to get it right!

Problem is, he just can't make up his mind between the two. Both feel great. Any thoughts about these two boots, basic fit being just about equal?

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go lange,   more buckles = more adjustment.


or go with what ever holds his heel down best.


or the  pretty ones


or the red ones,  red is 5% faster...

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Forgive Dave.


Buying boots is about fit, flex and angles.  If he is skiing both he will probably notice a difference in stance that will affect how tired he gets, or ski response or balance, etc.  Don't worry about features or any other marketing speak, when he skis each I think he'll be able to pick.



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