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Bought some Elan Magfire 82Ti 's used

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Hey Guys, 


This is my second noob ploy to the ski gods, see first here: 




I've been off skis for a few years, and I'm gearing up again. I managed to find a great deal on some previously enjoyed Elan Magfire 82Ti's 168's, so I picked them up.  


I'm 5'10" and about 165lbs, I'm not sure what level I'm at, but I've been skiing since I could stand. I'm going to be skiing east coast conditions pretty much exclusively (Crappy Ontario Conditions with a trip to Quebec hopefully), so I want something good for groomers, crud, icy-conditions. I've read lots of reviews on here and it seems like this is a good ski overall. I'm hoping that these will work out for me, despite the fact that they are probably a tiny bit short. What do you guys think? Will these eat me alive? 







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Hey TRex (Q - Subaru owner by chance?)


You should be fine but you maybe a bit of challenge until you get your ski legs back, since they are a more advanced ski.


Living with the same eastern Ontario/Western Quebec conditions, I just demo'd and bought the new Amphibio 82XTi's as an alternate to my Atomic SL skis. I am 5'9"-5'10" and 155lbs in a 168cm. Wanted something that was mostly hardpack frontside but would also be able to handle the soft crud and occasional foray into the bumps or trees.

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Thanks ZG, 


Thats reassuring, I think if they had been XTi's, I might have shyed away from them, as I do like to ski bumps once in a while. I think the 168's will be short enough and flexible enough to be a good All-Mountain OSQ for me. That is, they will suffice until my need to buy more skis kicks in and I buy some twin-tips to try my hand in the park (I wanted to so bad, but figured I had better not before putting in some time on the groomed trails)


BTW, I don't own a Subaru, at least not yet. I test drove the 2012 impreza with the 2.0L, but found it was kinda gutless. Nice car, but not for me. I also tried out a 2011 demo WRX... it was the opposite end of the spectrum! Tons of get up and go, but relatively "featureless".


Maybe see you on the slopes...


Does anyone currently own a pair of Elan Magfire 82Ti's?  How do they handle on icy conditions? 



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