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Hi. From what I've been able to gather here, it seems the consensus is that any old shaped ski, even a beater rental, will be vastly superior to my brand new $30 Volant Z's. Thus I've been poking around the net and happened upon a pair of the abovementioned for low $ in what I believe to be my size (170cm) So, does anyone have any specific info to share on this particular ski, or should I just grab it and hope for the best? FWIW I am 5'10", 45yo, 160lbs, level 6 on the aspensnowmassthingy, ski exclusively in New England, I ski at moderate speeds. My skis should be able to transition gracefully from edge hold on hardpack to plowing through chopped up loose snow, often during the same turn (read: afternoon conditions in NE after trails are skied off.) I generally try to handle steeps/ice by making short turns straight down the fall line. My 195cm Z's were marginally too long for this last year when I was at 185 lbs, so this year at 160, fuggedaboutit, but they do what I want in the crud. I won't be able to make it to any demo days until next season.

TIA for any inputs.

Steve L.