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Yet another - help my find the right skis thread...

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I know the topic has been probably beat to death, but nonetheless:)


I'm 5'11'' and 180lbs

Skill - beginner/intermediate (these days I ski pretty much 100% on blues with an occasional black run thrown in if I feel like its something I can handle; no moguls however)

Skier type - probably 2 or 3 (I'd like to go fast)


100% East Cost


About my past experiences... When I went to boot fitter last year, besides the boots I also ended up getting Head iPeak 74 FLR PR skis in 163cm. However I just could not grow to like them - I never felt comfortable or in full control on them as soon as I would pick some speed up. Not sure if it was because skis were too short for me or they were just to flexible... This lead me to a purchase of Fischer Motive 80 in 161cm late last year. I generally like them, however again I wonder if skis are too short for me - these handle much better then Head's, but as soon as I hit anything other then hard groomed trail (hard to find it here in EC this year, but as an example - piles of loose snow near snow guns) skis don't really float and I rapidly loose speed. I now wonder if I should have went with either Motive 84 or longer skis...


And this is where I currently stand... I plan to do 1-2 trips to VT before this season ends and would really like to try tree skiing. Don't think Motive 80 will be good in trees and since I'm not 100% happy, I think I'm ready to move to something else. DPS Wailer 99? Blizzard Bushwacker? But is it worth going that wide when majority of my skiing is on groomers? Maybe it is indeed Motive 84 in slightly longer length that I need? Your opinions? I'd really like to get a pair of skis that would keep me happy for a couple of seasons, rather then just half a season...


Thank You!

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If it helps, I should be somewhere between level 5 & 6 according to this thread.

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Demo some skis. Try the Bushwacker, Nordica Steadfast(90mm), Rossi Experience 88 and any other 88-90mm waist skis you can.  Also try some around 84-85mm and some about 100mm.  For EC skiing I would think you definitely want some camber for edge grip on hard snow but having at least some early rise will really help with soft snow and in the trees.  Just see what feels good.  And any of these that you demo should be about 170cm or even a git longer for your height.  I'm only 5'8" and my current skis are both 161s but neither of them has early or rocker.  I've demoed the Nordica Steadfast and Line Prophet 90, both about 170 and the length was fine.

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Bringing this back up from a grave:)


Been reading through reviews here and wonder if Kastle mx88 or mx78 (or even the upcoming mx83) would be a good choice for me. They get stellar reviews here, but would they be too much for me? On a slightly cheaper side, how about Blizzard Magnum's?


Again, most of my skiing is on groomed runs and I'm only planning to try to go into the trees later this year...



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Are you looking for someone here to tell you what ski to buy?  You got some suggestions for skis to try, but what it comes down to is whether you like how any particular ski handles in the conditions where you will be using it.  You need to try some wider skis to know if you even like them.

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I wish I lived by a big ski resort or a big ski store where I can pop in and get to demo any of the high performance skis. Unfortunately NYC is not the best place for such things... The only real chance to demo good skis would be to go to Vermont and that would be only for a couple of days this year - I'll need to have a short list (one/two pairs) of skis to try.


And this is what I'm really looking for here - suggestions for maybe 3-4 pairs of skis tops (this way I have options in case store does not have particular ski to demo) that would be GREAT on groomed runs, but will also handle at least above average on other surfaces that I can find on EC (I'm not worried about powder days - unlikely I'll find them here on EC). Are there any skis that would fit into this category?


P.S. I did more reading on Bushwackers and they seem to be less then stellar on groomed runs. Not sure it would be a good choice for me since this is where I'll be spending most of my time. I do have Nordica's and Rossi's you suggested on my list - will read up more on them. Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

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