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New Squaw Website SUCKS!

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/start rant


Is it just me or is the new Squaw website even worse than before?  It's totally messed up on Safari on a Mac and has taken a definitive leap backwards in terms of usability.  The interactive trail map is a complete joke.  


Did they give some unemployed (for good reason) web designer a free lift pass or something in exchange for this POS?  And don't web designers understand that people are not using 1024x768 displays from 1990 anymore?  Give us full screen interactive trail maps in *HD* resolution for chrisakes (and high-res .pdf minimally), and make it actually work on a Mac and/or an iPad!  Note to web-designer - Flash is deprecated, time to get with 2012 and HTML 5 for crying out loud.


And don't even get me started on their new iPhone app...  


How is it even possible to be so technology inept in this day and age?  Hell, most ski company websites are even better, and that's saying ALOT!  Even Alpine Meadows site is better now and they were one of the worse offenders of 1990 website syndrome before.


Comon' peeps, join in here with your own rant so we can get Squaw's attention on this!  


/end rant



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You know what else sucks...this thread!


It's a website, who cares?


Rant if you want, but there must be a better place than the Resort, Conditions and Travel forum. Granted there are a lot of redundant questions in here, but at least those are discussions about resorts, conditions and travel. Not resort websites and apps.

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I don't understand why you can't discuss the resort website in this group. Change your channel if you don't like it.


Any way - regarding the squaw website - yeah - it is a little funky. But it is not as bad as snowbird website. I think the

previous website had snow report and lift status on different pages. I think this one gives you both on the same page. 

It took some searching to find my favourite feature on the squaw website - the historical snowfall tracker. But I found it.



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I was just considering starting a thread just like this.  The previous site was pretty bad.  The current one is so bad I just have to laugh.  It strikes me as an all-too-common marketing- and consultant-driven train wreck.  Probably cost a bundle, too.


This site has poor usability, quirky (read difficult) navigation, and fails almost completely on smaller screens.  It seems the goal was to use every bloated technology in the web development book, while still hewing to a 1999 user experience aesthetic.  When I visit the site, my computer slows down and I think I can feel the room warming up.


On top of it all, I can't seem to find anything I'm looking for anymore.  I guess I'll have to play hide-and-seek for a few weeks.


Not that it's any good, but the iPhone app is now an absolute necessity.  There's no way I'd try to use the new website from a mobile device.


Why, oh why can't people get this stuff right?  I'd respectfully point those interested to the website.  It works pretty well in most browsers, and on the iPhone, it changes completely so that it's usable there, too.  I think Huddler should take note of that, too.

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Yes, the new website stinks.   They just recently updated the old website and it was looking pretty snazzy.  I agree on the mobile compatibility- goos dites switch to the mobile version automatically when they detect a mobile browser.  The iPhone app is OK, although the lift status page is horrendous- the background is too loud and distracting, and the difference between standby (orange) and red(closed) is impossible to see in almost all kinds of light.  

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I think having a crappy website does matter.  Squaw/Alpine now has the biggest combined acreage in all of North America.  Your website reflects your identity, your brand and your customer.  Squaw are pitching to have the Olympics.  It's a world class, world famous resort with a website that doesn't function properly and is difficult to use.   Things like an interactive trail-map should be actually useful in this day and age--not confined to a 1/4 of your screen, making it almost useless.  Where is the high-res .pdf alternative?


The Northstar site is nothing special, but it's pretty okay as far as corporate websites go.  Their interactive trail-map seems to be based on the same code, but at least it opens up into a bigger window w/in your browser.  


The old Squaw site was definitely better.  It's nice they have an app, but I don't know if they even paid any money for it.  The same company has many apps for other resorts as well, all based on the same funky noisy template.  They probably just got Squaw's permission to call it the "official" app or something.






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