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Skied the Blizz Supersonic 174 for a year (2010) and enjoyed the high speed carving on good snow that initiated and completed a hard footed turn, No vibrations, yet a somewhat light, or non-demanding ski. Turn radius was flexible and could handle short radius, high angle cuts that just shortened the radius. For my size (5,8/ 170 lbs) I should have been on the 167, but jones'd for the high speed track runs of my youth. (yeah I'm 60!) Off the Head Magnums and Blizz for life, or at least this season. Demoed the Sonic  167 at PCMR and freaked out in laughter at the insane lightness, edgehold, and raving fun doing easy short loopers till I had to stop in embarrassment for my whoops. Looked to buy the ski for two years    just found retailer who hid the ski under boots on ebay.  Somehow I found them after settling for the Blizz Mag 7.4 which struggled under sheet ice at Mammoth last week.  No ski handled it well. The type of conditions that make you want to sell any ski on your feet the minute off the slopes. Rossi s9 worked hard but ice won. Set edges on Cornice and slid 20 feet.

Going to PCMR next week and the groomers will be accomodating. Tempted to take 7.4 and Sonic, leave Contact till Mammoth in a week.  When last there 2010 demoed Kastle mx 167 in some good, but not great snow and expected to be blown away but they were adequate and nothing bad; just failed to mark a new level of rip. You all can't be wrong and shall take another try on them.

Real curious about the Amphibio. Talk about a cheater ski! Any changes to it next year??

The Magnum Heads did not ring the bell ...probably cranky snow conditions. Still remember the Head Wold Cup in a 180 that hauled around the the mountain with  adhesion and no vibes, and the older Head WCSL that was such a short linked joy to ride.


Think my brother wants the Rossi 9sl V (w the green) in 165. May be a great ski, but in hellish conditions no way to know. We traded out for his old Atomic 9sl in a 160 and that felt more edgeworthy and light, and better. Thank God we are done w the wicked hardpack. Ugh!