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Need a mitten liner...

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As it goes, earlier this year I had to ski through -18F on Whiteface summit and found gloves are not really the right choice for such temperatures. Long story short, I ended up ordering Mountain Hardwear Medusa gloves from SierraTradingPost at a really nice discount. 


Got them earlier today and was a bit disappointed. They just don't seem to be all that warm. While outer mitten seems to be very well made, inner lobster claw liner was clearly not designed for low temperatures. What are my choices when it comes to buying a good, really warm liner? I would prefer mitten style (since I will only use gloves during really cold temperatures and would prefer my fingers staying all together) liner, but would consider other choices if necessary.


Thank You!

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Put chemical hand warmers inside the mittens next to your fingers.  Instant warmth.  One pair will last all day.  In below zero weather, put two in each mitten, right next to your fingers.  On the chairlift ride up, pull your cold thumbs out of the thumb pockets and snuggle them up with the rest of the fingers basking in the warmth.  Buy the hand warmers by the box; they will stay good all season.  

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I got those mittens from STP, too, and wore them for the first time today. I didn't like the liner that came with them, so I just used my Power Stretch liners (many companies make Polartec PowerStretch glove liners -- I highly recommend them). It wasn't a super cold day, but the mittens ended up being much warmer than I had suspected. I had to leave the gauntlet open all day to let the heat out. I was quite surprised because, like you, I was disappointed in the amount of insulation that came with the mitt (i.e. almost none).


Anyway, I had actually done some research on mitten liners and came across the Outdoor Research PL400 mitts. By the description of these mitts, this is what I would have expected to come with the Medusas. You can find the PL400 mitts in a number of places, but Amazon has them at a pretty good price.


You could also consider one of the Hestra mitt liners which are spendier but probably even warmer than the PL400.

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