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Product :2012 Vist Crossover III with Knee Binding

Length Tested: 170

Camber Traditional,

Binding: Special ordered ki Flat and Installed Knee Binding with Knee Shims to match VIST specifications

Mount point: Suggested (boot center)


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: VT

Number of Runs:  60

Snow Conditions:  3 Days, 3" fresh on hard pack, then Groomed and cold (10 degree), then groomed and warm rain (30ish)

Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:

Username: steve06877

Age: 56

Height/Weight: 6' / 200

Ski Days/Season: 40

Years Skiing: 35

Aggressiveness: Aggressive(Driver)

Current Quiver: Volkl Gotama 186 with Knee Binding, Kastle FX88 with Knee Binding, Volkl Amaroq w/marker tour, 

Preferred Terrain: All mountain,  bumps,


Review:  I am a little afraid of starting another long Knee Binding discussion.  I demoed the Vist crossover 3 last year, loved it, and had the importer get a flat pair so I could use the knee binding. (Norse house in VT... good guys).  Tom (owner) spoke to the Knee guys and used their plate kits to duplicate the VIST binding mount. 


Ski: Love it.  fast, hold an edge on every spot of ice I could find, handled hard icy bumps well, and screamed on groomers.  very fast, and very stable.    The shovel initiates turns smoothly and gracefully (less edge), or aggressively yet with control on a hard edge.   The only concern is that the tails are a bit easy to slip, but that may be me.  with some attention it was not a problem. 


Binding: This is my third pair, 3 years skiing them.  All are the carbon KNEE model.  I have had no problems,  and was impressed that the mounting was able to mach the Marker Griffons I tested on the Gotams, and then also match the vist's more upright mount.  it is only a 3mm difference in the toe, but for a "new" binding they seem to have all the needed tools. Overall the binding feels great, no slop, no problems.    Like it is hard to claim "my helmet saved me" until you have the bad fall, I cannot claim the knee binding has saved my knee..... yet,   I am an old guy who falls a lot, so maybe soon  : )




Pros: Vist skis like a champ, smooth, fast, versatile.  Compared it to Volkl Kendo (liked vist better), several Blizzard's (liked vist better), Kastle MX88 (could not make up my mind - a lot alike, but Vist is heavier, faster, smoother, MX88 was quicker, as fast, lighter,  and held the tail better.) 


Cons: hard to get the ski flat (but the vist bindings are fantastic ), tail is a bit sensitive to form.