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Hi everyone,


First post on the forum for me so hopefully you all can follow.  I need just a bit of advice on ski length (or maybe just a tip or two) for getting comfortable in the trees.


Here goes, I have recently switched back to skiing from snowboarding and currently have Rossi S3's. I love these skis.  I've never really done much tree skiing and have been playing around in some mellow moderately spaced trees that I could do on my board. The issue i'm having is getting my turns to "mimic" short bump turns.  I seem to be having trouble getting the skis to initiate the turn quick enough.


I have one theory that it's just my lack of confidence to just press the skis and go for it. The S3's are 186 and I can maneuver them in small/medium bumps pretty well.  A friend gave me a pair of Volkl Mantra 170's. Do you think having a shorter ski may help or should I just keep getting in the trees and working on my confidence?


If it's pertinent i'm 6' tall and 205lbs. 


Thanks everybody!