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Rossignol avenger 82 ti vs Elan 82 xti

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Anyone have any experience with any of these skis?  I have not been on either pair but found some used deals but torn what direction to go.  I would probably be happy on either ski and it may come down to the best deal.  Which has better edge grip on ice or rock hard scraped off, hard pack? Better float if it does dump? Trees? Crud?  Which charges harder?  I am looking at 182 size or 184 in Elan.  Mostly skiing NC, TN, WV, NY, OH, PA.   Any help will be greatly appreciated.  There seems to be a ton of reviews on the Elan but not much on the Rossignol 82 ti. 

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I have skied both.  The Elan has better edge grip by far.  I skied them both on hardpack so I can not attest to float.  If I were to buy one I would get the Elan.

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I can only speak for the Rossi; I did a free demo of it last year on soft recently groomed and "not groomed in a few days" uneven runs.

I LOVED it!  It's very damp, secure, and super-stable at what for me anyway were irresponsible speeds!

Had I not had a frontside ski already, I would've bought a pair on the spot!  Most impressed I've been with a demo after just 3 runs.

Given the post above, it sounds like you would be good with either one.

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I have the Elan --- about 15 days on it in a range of conditions, including some ice & hardpack (though not extreme mid-Atlantic ice yet --- that will happen next winter). It has incredible edge grip, and as much float as I would expect from an 82 ski. It has been fine in 4" of powder, but takes some work when I go into the trees and hit 8"+. It isn't the quickest ski in the bumps, but I haven't noticed myself being held back by the ski.


The one "quirk" that I've found is that it is definitely a ski that performs better at higher speeds. I have found it to be reasonably stiff, so it can be quite a bit of work to flex it at lower speeds. (And I'm 6'2" 195#, so it isn't that I'm a little guy!) Normally, it isn't a problem, except when I'm skiing more slowly with my eight-year-old.


I haven't skied that particular Rossi, but I got the Elan to use in exactly the areas you mention (I live in Pittsburgh, except for this winter in New Mexico), and I am very happy with my choice. I think it will be basically perfect for groomers in that area.

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The Rossi > Elan 

All day, no question.  

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I've skied the Rossi, not the Elan, although I've owned several others of that brand. I suspect the differences will relate to your size and how you ski. The Elan 82, from everything I've read and heard (Dawgcatching is your authority here, suggest PM) probably is for bigger guys who ski hard. Would predict it'll behave nicely at lower speeds, turn precisely, nice hold, but will thrive when it's pushed. If it's like the other Elans I've had, it will have a damp race-like feel but good pop and life when you bend it. Won't do your work for you, though. 


The Rossi seemed to me to be best for lighter folks, like me, who changed up their speeds and turn shapes a lot. It had a characteristic Rossi smoothness, good but not stunning grip, really easy to turn, didn't thrive in heavy chop compared to say a Kastle FX84 or a Stockli XXL, but was very stabile at speed on groomed and pretty nice in bumps although the tail was too stiff to be wonderful. Initiated lighter than my Elans, touch more forgiving. 


Real Skiers has good reviews of both, BTW. 


Oh, and this should be in the ski gear discussion forum. biggrin.gif

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The Rossi seemed to me to be best for lighter folks, 

FWIW, I'm a light (5'10/165) skier myself, so the above observation might have something to do with why I was so impressed with it.


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