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Educate me on different types of skis

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Hi guys and girls, I Have been skiing almost every weekend at our small local hill here in Montana for the last couple years. I consider myself a pretty good skier, I ski pretty much all the mountain. Last year I demo'd "all mountain" skis from head, k2, Rossi and volkl I bought the volkl ac30. So far for most conditions I really love the skis.

So here is the reason for the thread, I went to Big Sky last weekend and it was awesome with just over a foot of snow the night before. Looking around in the lift lines I started to notice that everyone and I mean everyone was on skis way fatter than my volkl's. So naturally I started wondering if I am missing out. So what do I need to know about other styles of skis out there.
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So where specifically in Montana do you ski?  Is it mostly groomed or mostly not groomed?  What kind of skiing do you want to do?

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I ski at ski showdown almost every weekend, because it's close. After skiing BIg Sky I will start taking trips more often. I ski the groomers with my wife but like to break away and ski the back side and steeper runs. I'm not as young as I once was but still like to find some little cliffs and jumps in the trees. I find myself looking for things off the groomed runs to have fun on while skiing with my wife.
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AC30's are good skis but you may want to invest in some fatter skis, maybe around 100mm under foot, camber and early rise/rocker in the tip.  Good candidates are Blizzard Bonafide, Rossi Experience 98, Line Prophet 98, Nordica Hell and Back.  I'm sure there are others but any one of those would a great ski for what you seem to want to do..

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I am going to see if the local shop has the Blizzards or Rossis to demo, but how are these 100mm ski in conditions other than 6+" of fresh. I guess that was my real question, are these wider skis only suited for certain conditions or are they a 50/50 type ski? If you get what I'm saying. I dont know that I would be willing to spend that kind of money on a twice a year ski, let me rephrase that...lol I don't know that my wife will let me spend the money.
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You already have a ski for conditions that don't involve deep snow. You were asking for a fatter ski. Then you said you don't want to invest in something for limited conditions which is what you asked for in the first place.


So............................................You need to decide what you want here.


Do you want a ski to help with your described experience @ Big Sky? If so, then a 100mm (ish) ski is a good choice. You will need to ski on one to determine if this width is just too  much for your tastes as an everyday ski.




Do you want a ski that is better in soft/deep but still skiable everyday? If so, then 100mm may be wider than you want and a ski maybe 85-90mm in the versatile frontsider category might be a nice replacement for your AC 30.





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That's for the advice so far. What I was wondering from the trip to Big Sky was if the wider under foot skis we a limited use ski or if they could be an everyday ski? So I guess I was confused and didn't get my question across from the get go.

I had the chance to demo a few skis, unfortunately the local shop didnt have any of the skis recommended to demo. Out of the 3 skis I tried only the first one was under 100mm. Also the snow wasn't good, it was hard and crusty for the most part.

The first ski I was on was the Volkl Bridge and for some reason I hated it. It just seems limp and didn't have any power.

The second ski was the K2 Kung Fujas. I didn't think I was going to like this ski based on the conditions, but I was dead wrong. The ski was good on the hard pack, floated nice in the powder I could find, over all thought I the ski was awesome. I think I could use this ski everyday.

The last ski was the Rossi S7 and I was blown away. The S7 did everything very well. I honestly think the S7 does everything better than my current skis. They were amazing on the steep bumps. I honesty didn't think and ski this wide could be as tight and powerful. The K2 surprised me,but the Rossi amazed me.

Thanks again for the info.
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