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Colorado / Utah

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I'm heading out west (west from CT anyway) for 2 weeks in March.  Week of the 5th and week of the 12th.  I actually have to be in Colorado for work the first week then Utah the second week.  Oh the sacrifices I make for work....


I'm working out what mountains I want to hit while I'm out there.  For the CO part I was thinking Vail, Aspen or Beaver Creek.  Maybe a couple days at each?  For the UT piece I need to be in the Snowbird area so that was the area I was thinking I would head to.  I'm mostly an on piste groomed trail skier.  Loved Vail and the bowls there....


Any advice, thoughts, comments etc. on areas, hotels, nightlife, etc?

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I would hit Vail during the week and Aspen on the weekend. You would probably like Snowmass a lot.  Just don't go there if it's real windy.

Almost all the Restaurants in town have bar menu's, same food about 1/2 off.  Hit the Belly Up for some older big name bands.


Sound's like you might like Alta more than the Bird.  I would stay at one of the lodges.  IMHO:  They're both kind of crowded high season.

You might try Solitude on a Saturday?


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Thanks Shred!  My plans changed....I can opt to go to Whistler instead of CO....  I'm going to put up a new post asking advice on BC...

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