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Edging Advice?

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Just wondering how to know what to set my edges at. I have Nordica Hot Rod Ignitors. I do not know what to set the edge on these to. Any advice on what to set these to for east coast skiing hard pack/ice. I have an edging tool with 88 and 89.

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87 would give you a 3 degree side bevel. Most would agree that that is best for east coast (or anywhere) skiing in terms of edge hold. If you want to stick with what you have use the 88 which will give you a 2 degree side, which is better than the 1 degree you would get with your 89). Do you know what the skis are at now? you might not have to do anything.

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3 side 1 base.   

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Thanks for the info. I have no idea what the skis are set at right now but I'll try the advice

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