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Best Resorts for Beginners

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Hope I'm posting in the right place!


I'm trying to organise a ski trip for me and my friends. We're all in our early twenties and of varying ability, ranging from first timers to fairly advanced, although majority beginners. I'm looking for a resort with good beginner slopes but also preferably something a bit more challenging when the beginners take the inevitable afternoon off. Good apres ski would be a bonus. Most importantly it needs to be CHEAP!


I'm also looking into finding a group instructor as last time I tried to teach them myself ('teach' is a bit strong, I pointed them down hill and told them to go for it), disaster! So any advice on this too would be great!


Last trip we went to Verbier, because that's where I go with my family, and the whole thing was completely wrong, we spent the whole week going up and down the Medran/Ruinettes, didn't shell for an instructor (so a couple of us spent the whole time picking people up and teaching them bad habits, I'm sure), and we spent the evenings playing cards because you get charged for looking at a drink out there! So I'm really looking for the exact opposite of that please!


Bit of an ask I know but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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where are you located (CH?)? that would help narrow down the options...

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Ah sorry! Based in the UK, willing to go anywhere in Europe really.

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in my limited european experience, andorra is pretty cheap and great for beginners...apres isnt bad either...im sure others across the pond will have more insight however.

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Welcome to Epicski!


You may want to try the 'Eurozone' forum for more focused advice.  The search tools may also turn up some useful recommendations.


I've only skied in Switzerland on that side of the pond... Zermatt's really nice, but NOT cheap.  Also the CHF is very strong right now, so the exchange rates are terrible.  So the only real advice I can offer is NOT going to Switzerland right now if you want a cheap vacation.

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Thank you kdaffy and Matthias for the advice. I will look into Andorra and steer clear of Switzerland altogether!


I'll also keep an eye out on here and have a look in the eurozone section.

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Hi GeesSkis. I'm based in the UK too. A lot depends on when you want to go. If it's soon then the snow across Europe is pretty amazing  at the moment with the exception of Andorra. Andorra used to be cheap but has lost a lot of the cheap and cheerful tag except for Pas de la Casa which is not the nicest place although the skiing's good and the ski school very good.

Have a look at some of the Austrian resorts. Austria is really quite reasonable on price these days and as long as you're careful when you go for snow has some great skiing with lively nightlife.

Soll is a good value resort with a big ski area. Snow is great at present but it's low and can suffer in a poor snow year. It's too 'Brit's abroad' for my liking but it dpends what you want. Alpbach is a great little ski area and a pretty village. There are lots of others.

If you look at the French resorts you'll probably end up in a small apartment and they're not as good value as they used to be but resorts like Les Gets(pretty traditional village) the resorts of the Grand Massif (Flaine - purpose built and ugly, Les Carroz - traditional and more attractive etc.) are great.

There is really a massive amount to choose from and consider but I hope this helps. If you want to give some more specific criteria, I'll try and give you some better ideas.

Good hunting!

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We get a great many guests from the UK at Breckenridge in Colorado. I've ridden chair lifts and conducted lessons for Brits who repeatedly have told me they come to Breck because it's cheaper than going to Europe, even with the costs of flights, and the conditions typically are better. There's lots of terrain choices ranging from some of the best beginner slopes to some of the most challenging drops in Colorado.
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 Echo Adie above, Andorra no longer so cheap and transfers a killer to boot. Austria a better option IMHO maybe a smaller area like Maria Alm in the Hochkonig area, an hour and a half from Salzburg, linked to 4 other small areas, some decent apres bars but not the noisiest resort going but it is in a snow pocket, they don't overbash, last time I visited the on piste felt off piste with the volune of snow! Literally thigh deep powder on some runs (2 weeks ago). Good tuition available thru intersport who impressed me with their customer service when the resort bus could not get up the road they sent out an employee in a land rover to pick us up for our lesson!

 Its possible to ski 32km trip to Muhlbach and back in a day if your a decent red runner but beginners are well catered for on Maria Alms own slopes and they can get on a bus to the other areas for variety if they fancy it (providing the roads are clear)

 Fairly cheap for euro area, great food available at a reasonable price, alot of places do cheaper daily specials.

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