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Oregon/Washington Beta

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New guy here looking for info to make the most out of an upcoming trip.


The itinerary is as follows:

We are flying into PDX and will be staying/skiiing the following   Packwood WA/White Pass.  Bend OR/Bachelor.  Hood River OR/Hood Meadows.  At the end of the trip we will spend a day drving the coast in the Astoria/Seasdie/Tillamook area.


All ski days will be weekdays, so hoping crowds will not be a factor.  Two guys travelling, one a boarder, one a skiier.  We are both upper intermediate and enjoy fast cord, mid angle trees, fresh stuff if it falls, pretty much all mountain with the exception of double blacks/cliffs/super tight trees, etc.


Absolutely not looking for somebody to give away any secret stashes, but, any help with classic or must ski type trails would be great.


Also, any inside info on where to park at MHM and Bachelor - We simply need to purchase tickets.  No need to park near rentals, lessons, etc.  Appears the HRM lot with access to the Hood River express would be ideal as far as staying away from base area crowds.  Same thing goes for Sunrise lodge at Bachelor vs West Village.


Any information on good burgers, Mexican and beers in Hood River, Bend and Packwood?  Also best lodging choice in Packwood.  We are currently leaning toward the Hotel Packwood.


Finally, any information on must sees along the Northern section of the Oregon Coast.  Probably do the other side of Seaside and will probably do the Cape Lookout hike.  We have just one full day along the coast.


I know I am asking for a bit much being new and all.  But, any help would be appreciated.  In return, I promise not to litter in your states, will not drive like an ass, will not side slip down trails scraping them bare, no cursing on the lift, no letting empty chairs go buy while making equipment adjustments and l will not be the typical loud mouthed Easterner.  :)




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Bueller.  Bueller.  Bueller.  smile.gif

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I'll throw out some info on Mt. Hood.


If it's a clear day, definitely take the Cascade lift up.  Terrain isn't too impressive up there unless you're hitting upper heather canyon, which it sounds like you wouldn't be from how you described yourselves.  However the view is stunning, you can see forever.  If visibility is really bad, I'd skip it because it's above the treeline, and there's no frame of reference at all.  Otherwise, Shooting Star and Hood River Express probably have the best cruisers.  Shooting Star is nice because you can drop off the sides of the ridges if it doesn't look too intimidating, to get some short steep pitches.


I wouldn't worry too much about the crowds mid-week, it's usually not too bad.  For parking, HRM works fine, but if you show up early (i.e. before lifts start spinning) on a weekday, you should be able to park pretty close, even in the main lot.  Either one would be fine, IMO.  If it's warm, the bottom of HRM gets very very sloppy because of the lower elevation.


For beers in Hood River, I highly, highly recommend Double Mountain Brewery.  Fantastic beers.  Big Horse and Full Sail are also both pretty good, but Double Mountain is the gem, IMO.

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You may find it difficult to get any information about White Pass here on Epic.  We have skiers who report on all of the other major Cascade areas, but not WP.  I've never skied there because it's a really long drive from here, but from what I gather it's mostly intermediate terrain.

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Thanks for the Hood info JA....Will put it to good use.


I figured there wouldnt be much info about White Pass.  This is somewhat specifically why we chose it - Locals only type mountain where freshies should last for days.

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