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Atomic blogs - what else should I consider

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Hi;  my wife and I have been unsuccessfully hunting powder for the last several years. We both are good skiers and will drop cornices, do double black runs (with some hesitation depending on steepness) but mostly love skiing gladed runs full of powder (somehow steep trees with powder is less scary than an open 45 degree hill without trees).  We dont hammer down at mach 10 though.  Im 5 10 and 200 llbs and my wife is 5 3 and 120 llbs.  Middle aged (but young on inside).  I wish I could do switch better and before I die I will learn a 360 in the air.  I tend to prefer softer skis and shorter lengths.


My current single ski quiver is a seth pistol 179 and my wife a pocket rocket ?size.  When we were learning powder in japan years ago those were considered fat skis and big stix were super fats; rockered skis werent invented.  Those skis shoved us up a level from our narrow waisted parabolic carve skis in the powder and we loved them. Now Im in Utah, and we just had snow and a ball of fun at Brighton in 20" of fresh.  We demoed a pair of Atomic blogs and K2 Centuries and were amazed at the *massive* difference those skis made (we tried our parabolic carves in the trees - a bit challenging). My wife at first tried some 90 waisted K2 all mountains and while better when we went back and got the centuries she was a different skier; way faster and stronger.  It felt like they were the best ski Ive ever skied by a big margin (even though I havent been on the seths this season, I was flying through chop and powder much faster and more stably than I ever did with the Seths).  They were easy to turn in the bumps, porpoise turns were a hoot.


For the Atomic blogs in the trees it felt like I was on the groomed, they were so easy to turn, so stable and just ate any snow that came our way. I felt so much more in control and confident. It wasnt super deep (sometimes over the knee around big trees) but they seemed to float well in deeper areas on those few turns, and on the runouts through chop were bulletproof allowing us to just ski practically anything.  The biggest hazard was the rocks and trees just under the cover ;)  On the packed I could notice it was harder holding a rail c/w the 70 waist carve skis from the previous day but I could still rail em.


In the old days the Pocket rockets were a game changer basically pushing your level up in powder.  Obviously technology has come along way again and Id appreciate advice on which skis in  this new generation (of which there seems to be so many its daunting) would be comparable or better at "pushing us up" for the above kinds of skiing.  Is the Blog a game changer for the masses like the PR was? Is this what all the new gen rocker skis offer or is the blog somewhat special?   I expect we will demo a couple more skis but dont know what to try. Should I go fatter and more rocker?  Basically please give me 3 skis which are similar or better and ill try and demo.




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I thought the blog was a noodle that folded like a wet paper bag.


As for 3 ski's


Line Sir Francis Bacon

ON3P Jeffery

Rossi Sickle


I might as well throw out Blizzard and DPS because the drones around here will anyways.

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Couldnt demo any of those. Options were


Salomon rocker2  for me and Ross S7 for my wife

We hated them both, mine: hard to turn in the bumps and soft, couldnt cut an edge on the piste, tips like ronald mcd's shoes at speed.

My wife felt in the back seat and trouble turning too.  

"not like the atomic century and blog experience"


Next up

Volkl Shiro and kiku

We loved em.  Felt like the atomics we had.  Easy to turn, could hold the edge on piste, felt real stable,  easy to turn in chopped powder in tight trees.

We were amazed that for our skiing, there was such a difference between what we thought were similar spec skiis.


There were no other womens powder skiis that fat to try a third ski

I did try the Volk Gotamas;  loved them too but felt they were just a little less nimble than the shiros.  I think they were more solid on the piste.  The Goats were 178 vs 173 in the shiro, so maybe the diff was just length.




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Atomic Bentchetler? Stiffer than the Rocker 2 and Blog. However, similar to the S7 and Rocker 2, so you may not like them. And yes, the Blog is obscenely soft, especially for a 200lb guy like you. Although they may be fine at low speed, you might have a hard time at anything above Mach 1. Maybe the 2013 Atomic Automatics? Narrower than the Bentchetlers, less tail rocker, overall stiffer ski. Check over at TGR, I've never seen so many erections for a single ski. Maybe because it's Sage's pro model...

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Demoed the Elan Boomerang in shortish length for me;  felt good  (gotama, shiro, boomerang blog century kiku all "float our boat").  Nimble, and charges the chop fine.  Now on "wait for powder" weather watch alert.  If I buy anything I bet it doesnt snow till after i leave utah.

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